HoF - Tink


When I first got the deck, Tink kinda irritated me. She wasn't a Froud faerie, so what the heck was she doing in my deck? That I night, I pulled a card as a faerie guide for dreams that night. Guess who?

Yep, twas Tink. And she did NOT like me. "Look, stupid human. They're MAKING me show you around. I'd rather lose you somewhere. So keep up." and then, did she EVER prove she was a Froud faerie. I had the weirdest dreams, and had to move fast! When I woke up, she looked friendlier. "Don't tell anyone, but you're not half bad.". She keeps up the act for appearances sake, but when she shows up now, I know I'm in for a ride, BUT she'll take care of me!