Hopefully the search is over!


Well, for christmas i got a beautiful deck of oracle cards, Healing with the Fairies. They're not the ones everyone else is talking about, but i simply LOVE them.
i was hoping i could still post here though. Tarot people recommended me to Divination, and from there i migrated here. is it okay that my deck is different from the majority of them here? Can i use your spreads?
peace, ho.


Hi For,

Congratulations on your new deck!!! I also have the Healing with Fairies deck :) ... this study group is specifically for the Faeries Oracle by Froud, but you are welcome to use any spreads or exercises you see here that you like.

To get more responses specifically related to your deck, or start a discussion about Healing with Faeries I would refer you back to the Divination section. If we can be of any help or answer any questions for you please do not hesitate to ask us.