Horoscope spread


When I was contributing to Using Tarot cards thread, "Preferring to use fewer cards in a reading" I mentioned that I have gone from the 22 card spread I first learned when learning tarot (the 12 houses of the Horoscope to be done in combination with the celtic cross--yes, 22 cards!) to a truncated 5 card spread for past (2 cards) present (1 Card) and future (2 cards) spread: ultimately using 3 cards all discussing the present. Yet, on my new on-line reading gig, I find that when people ask for a general reading, the trusty old Horoscope spread is great. Since people get 4 minutes for a reading, I don't read ALL of it, but looking over the "whole" of a person's life tells me what is bothering them the most. On the Fewer cards thread, Euripides said I must discuss this further. Since this was the first spread I ever learned, I assumed everyone knew of it. But I see it isn't well known at all, so here it is.

Now, I really dislike astrology. I find it constricting and not all that accurate. But this spread really covers all the bases in a persons life. So it is useful. Here it is, see what you all think.

Done in a circle

****10 ******9

1. Your projected image
2. Financial security
3. Family, siblings, people in your immediate vicinity
4. The Home, where you feel spiritually planted
5. Personal self-expression, where you want to shine and the way you enter romantic relationships
6. Service, health, co-workers and work
7. one on one relationships, romantic and business partners too
8. Debts, legacies, other people's money and transformation
9.High education, higher mind, long distance travel
10.Career and Vocation
11. Hopes, wishes and desires, also small groups and organizations
12. Subconscious and unconscious motive, fears, inspirations and Karma.

I assume others have other systems of what the house of the horoscope mean, but I would be interested in others thoughts.



I do not know much about astrology so I have to ask. How does this spread relate to Astrology? I was just wondering if position 1. is related to Aries, position 2. to Taurus etc.?


I'd like to add Eden Gray's astrological house meanings to the discussion, since as an astrologer I find them completely appropriate.

1st House- Personality; appearance; outlook (I would add "self-image")
2nd House - Financial; material possessions (I would add "values" as well)
3rd House - Communications; brothers and sisters; mental activity (I would add the practical or "lower" mind)
4th House - Early home; end of the matter; Father (I would add "where one is coming from")
5th House - Children; love affairs; adventures (I would add "casual - as in recreational - sex")
6trh House - Health and work; service; employees
7th House - Marriage; partnership; enemies (I would add close friends and "open" enemies)
8th House - Legacies; partner's money; deaths (I would add "committed - as in marital - sex")
9th House - Philosophy; dreams; long journeys (I would add the theoretical or "higher" mind)
10th House - Profession; honors; ambition; Mother (I would add "where one is going")
11th House - Friends; associates; hopes (I would change "friends" to acquaintances of a social rather than intimate nature)
12th House - Karma; secret enemies; self-undoing

Note that modern astrologers would probably swap the placement of Father and Mother. Gray's model is more traditional across the board. My additions come from a more modern perspective.


Thank you Barleywine. This is very helpful. Now I can put the lines between the dots it and it makes more sense.