Horrible, Scary, Nasty Dream....


that helps

Hi Kiama,
Thanks for adding the personal associations. Maybe your boyfriend is in Britain because he is 'home', going home in this case. While to you it is a foreign country.
I also had a thought about the other girls being executed. You commented in thread a while ago about how much you were enjoying being seventeen because it was your last year of being a child (yes, I know it was a bit tongue in cheek). Maybe the maidens being executed are childish parts of you that need to 'die' so you can become the woman you are meant to be.
I kind of think the dream is not so much about going to university, but that going to university marks such a big turning and change point in your life. Related to growing into a woman, to moving on, and personal growth. I think your boyfriend is strongly in there, though I did not mean to imply giving him up. Maybe giving up some childish aspects of the relationship. I did not mean that disrespectfully Kiama, but inevitably the ground on which the two of you stand will shift, as it does for all partners. I think that idea that you managed to get rid of the poison was a good sign.


hi kiama, having just read your reply, i can't see how this fits, but as i've been lying in bed thinking about it the last couple hours i thought i'd throw this out to you anyway. rings represent eternity, commitment. you gave up your ring but ended up with the jacket etc. i thought maybe the jacket represented the comfort of the relationship.


Ah! Now it makes some sense! Marion: The thing about me having to grow up is probably the most accurate meaning ascribed to this dream so far! WoW! That does seem to have pretty much solved this dream...

Zorya: I will be giving your interpretation some more thought later.

Thanks guys!



thought i'd jump in too...

perhaps unconsciously you feel that being with your b/f you are losing some of your own identity/personality and taking up more of his? and by giving in your ring you are giving away some of your identity but still have his (the jacket you mentioned he gave you), or maybe you feel others see you this way? i dont mean to offend...it's just that i can relate to this interpretation, when i was with my ex b/f i forgot who i was and turned into what he wanted, then i finally came to my senses...i didnt really know who i was then so it was easy to lose my identity...you sound like you already know yourself well enough though so your ahead of the game ;)

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Verrrrry rich dream, Kiama! Couldn't resist this one... :p

My own association w/this beheading was immediately: Bluebeard, specifically Angela Carter's interpretation The Bloody Chamber: a fairy tale about the dark animus - the puella (little girl archetype) who wanders into Bluebeard's dark realm to be awoken into knowledge.

Few generals:
night to dawn - dawning consciousness
beheading - cutting off the old conscious system or beliefs (which are based on the female ego's relation to the animus)?
jacket - protective cover/persona> reflects identification w/the animus?
ring - Self, wholeness, eternity (consciousness = mortality, uncon = eternal life)
princess - inner female, unintegrated aspect of the psyche?
snake - gnosis, sexuality etc snake is really really too rich a symbol!!
girls - other feminine aspects

Okay, let's put this back together:
- you're going to be beheaded by the Princess> the aspect of the psyche which is not happy w/the way things are going. Greater understanding of the Princess, who she is, what she is like etc might help.
- pardon if you give her the ring > allowing her access to the totality of the psyche, allowing her into your relationship w/animus spares you. You can keep your persona (other items)but the Self - the centralizing nucleus of the psyche remains w/her - not the animus.
- attempts to murder w/a snake remind me of the Eden myth - to eat from the tree of knowledge is to enter consciousness is to die
- accidental killing of the snake... interspace b/w knowing and not knowning. The knowledge is coming, but is facing resistance?
- other girls> the ego has been spared, but the puellas continue to be executed in the background.

I know I'm making this sound grim, but it's really really not!!! Meaning, it doesn't have to translate to grim-ness in the external reality. The uncon has a way of overdramatizing things sometimes ^-^


pacticing PUNS

marion saw a good one with 'losing your head'
as for the Leather jacket, could it be ' sheading your skin'?

Angel Star

This dream has much symbolism in it Kiama and it also sounds like to me somewhat past lifish. But this is my interpretation. Have you ever done any past life work? I have many past life trances and dreams they make so much sense when we cannot actually interpret dreams. Look into some dream books. There is one out called a Witches dream book I am not sure of the title I have it stored away in a box but if you want it I can look it up. This is one of the best books I have picked up on dreams.