Hotdog by Limp Bizkit


Hotdog by Limp Bizkit
Not going to post a link for lyrics, nor will I be including them in the card descriptions. Anyone that knows who Limp Bizkit is and/or has heard this song knows why. Haha. I do not feel like invoking the wrath of all things moderated.
This song is very angry song, which Limp Bizkit go figure. A lot of it is just thrown everywhere and at everything, Nine Inch Nail's lyricist in particular, don't know why. This spread itself will be dealing with how your anger manifests itself, and how to best deal with it.​

Card one- Your state of mind when getting agitated. Please don't say "duh, angry" there's actually quite a bit that can be going on.
Card two- What angers you the most.
Card three- The most basic way your anger manifests.

Cards four, five, six, seven- How the anger effects you emotionally, physically, socially, and mentally.

Card eight- How others see you when your angry.
Card nine- What calms you
Card ten- How to reverse damage you may have inflicted in your emotional state

Card elven- Advice


This one was another request so let me know what you think. :D


Woohoo, thanks KM! I could see how this spread can be very useful, especially for someone who has anger management issues.