Housewives Tarot: Ten of Pentacles

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I mention this card because of my initial reaction to it (which I will explain later.) A woman viewed from the back holding up a giant plate that is bigger then she is. Ten pentacles form the border of the design on the plate. The center design is a red brick mansion with two floors, nice yard and landscaping, with a blue sky and green trees. This is the house of most people's dreams.

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw this card was part of a Jeff Foxworthy joke in which he says that Sophisticated People invest in stocks and portfolios and Rednecks invest in commorative plates. :D This is a card about the American Dream. The American Dream says that if you work hard you can have your own home, nuclear family with 2.5 kids, a car, and everything you need and you will be happy and successful in life. This card is like a trophy in the way the woman is holding up this plate. She is holding up the dreams and goals that are taught to the American people. If you work hard, you can have this too. And kudos for you if you get it.

This card gets interesting with reversals. The card is also highly ironic now with the Great Recession and the housing crisis we are in. What this card doesn't tell you (and what Americans have found out the hard way) is that achieving the American Dream is not only a lot harder then it looks, it's now impossible for a lot of people. And just because you get the American Dream does not mean you get to keep it.

Finally, your house may be a great achievement, but it is also your home, and not just a trophy. It's important not to put too much emphasis on posessions, and to not have stuff just to have stuff.


I really enjoyed this post! Thanks :)


the idol of security.
she almost seems to be worshiping it.

It speaks to me of grand families, and heritage and inheritance. ancestry and The Family, generations. things and philosophies and ideals and everything passed down from generation to generation.

but then, that's the ten of pents for me, this one seems to be talking about striving for a certain lifestyle. But just because a family doesnt have that lifestyle doesn't mean things don't get passed down from one generation to the next.


Very instructive! It made me see this card with more dept. I always saw this card as the artistic expression of the woman. She always gave me the impression she painted it herself. She is putting her mental vision in a concrete manner. Now, she is putting it on display.


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Jeff Foxworthy is a genius.