How are you celebrating the Winter Solstice?


Mi-Shell, those pictures are wonderful and so heart-warming. I love the Yule Log procession. Very special! It looks like you all had a lot of fun and fond memories to process! :) Happy Yule to you!


Thanks Hearth!:)

Yeah, it was a fun night. We had mulled Mead (warmed)...and made New Year resolutions and then drank from a cup, it was such a sweet ceremony:)


6 Haunted Days

Silverlyn said:
Solstice Greetings!

This is our house from a couple nights ago (Fri night,our first night celebrated, even tho Yule tech started the night before)...

I LOVE candles!!


Very homey and heartwarming! Who is that in the 3rd pic? I kept hearing that 80's song "I wear my sunglasses at I can...." :laugh:

I love candles too and hurricane lamps mostly as I like to read and do things by that kind of light.


6HD: Ah yes: My daughter's on the right (in a striped shirt, very hard to see her) and that's her boyfriend..wearing just regular glasses, I think..:)

That's our kitchen table..we sat around it for the whole evening just chatting and snacking and enjoying the candles.

Hope you're enjoying your Solstice, still!

Our 13th Anniversay is coming up in a few days..on the 31st (the last day of Yule, right?) How fitting!

PS: LOVE that song, I even have it as a Ringtone, lol!;)