How did you celebrate the Equinox holiday?


I had a three day long celebration of working in my garden, Did an Equinox Tarot spread I made up about staying balanced, lit a lot of candles (some I had been saving just for this occasion, two owl candles and a three wick fall scented one). Made a special home made pizza with mushrooms and herbs harvested from my garden, kept the windows open, planted some fall cool season lettuce, invited friends over, and invested in 12 solar lights to put in my backyard to light me through the winter!

Tonight, since the moon will be new, I'm going to go out and look at the stars.

How did you mark the occasion?


That sounds like a lovely day, Amsonia!

Unfortunately, I didn't do anything so grand. Though I did get 2 loads of laundry done and hung on the line before 10am this morning. I scrubbed the bathroom tub, sink and toilet, did about 20 to 30 minutes of tai chi and my morning meditation on the rosary. Then I went grocery shopping. Returned home and took the still damp clothes off the line--though they had been hanging there for 6 hours. It was cold and damp here today, as usual. :laugh: I finished drying them in the dryer, and they await to be folded and put away. I did get one load folded and put away--but the other one still awaits.

For dinner, I made an awesome roast chicken dish with roasted veggies from our garden. onions, zucchini and carrots. the potatoes in there were from the store, but the rest were from us. and herbs from our herb garden. It was delicious! I was planning on left overs for tomorrow, but I'm going to have to make more veggies--as they were so tasty, we devoured most of them! :D

The hubby and I took a walk around our property just before dinner and our maple trees are really turning their glorious fall colors. The creek is getting dry, but still a trickle of water running. Walked around our garden, and noticed the deer had a good munch on my plants! :mad: The one plant was a cut from the 'family' sedum--I'm the 4th generation to get a cut of it (we all have a cut of it) and my plant was a nice sized bush earlier this year. Now, I'm left with a few twigs and a few scrawny looking leaves on it! darn deer! They also ate our clematis and my four o'clocks!!! They also ate a few other plants, but apparently didn't like the taste of those and spit them out. I like the deer--but I was not so happy with them tonight! :laugh: My sedum!!! :( boo hoo!!!

btw, do you grow your own mushrooms too?

we went out to see the stars tonight and they are brilliant! really shining and gorgeous tonight. :) nice...


My "Celebration" has been ongoing since last week. I had scrubbed the floors, cleaned, etc all with the windows and doors open and the attic fan on. Last Saturday I made chicken tortilla soup in the crockpot and 2 round loaves of cornbread which I cut into 8 sections each. I had family over to share the food. I did notice the brilliant stars early in the morning yesterday and today. I lit my Mabon Altar last night with the intent and a reminder to leave toxic things in the past- a timely message for me at this particular moment in my life as past things are coming again to the surface. This weekend more cleaning, ceiling fans, window treatments, etc. Chili and more cornbread-this time muffins, more family to share the food.

It's really just a personal celebration, because though I have family participating and have made mention of the Equinox, it isn't really on their radar and they aren't really focused on it-it's my celebration and they are just all hanging out :)


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Really nice picture.
May I ask what is this book in leather on the right hand side? A grimoire or similar?


oh, nice altar, Disa! My! you were busy with all that cleaning and cooking too! I especially liked this line of your post:

I lit my Mabon Altar last night with the intent and a reminder to leave toxic things in the past-
Something everyone should do.


Each equinox or solstice, I always set up my Sacred Wheel (based on the plants, animals, minerals and climate of my area). I've written a booklet of "lessons" each object on the Wheel represents. I used to meditate on it and see where my attention was drawn, but now I stand at the four directions and flip a wooden disk and see where it lands. I have a couple of friends who ask me to do a toss for them as well, then send them the information.


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Lovely altar!

I burnt unused old herbs in my chiminea and gave the ashes back to the Earth, with thanks. Made two new loose incenses, cleared a very overgrown part of the garden, changed my altar around, cooked a roast dinner, then settled down to play with the Robin Wood Tarot.


Very BEAUTIFUL, Bodhiseed!!

And what a great idea to do!

ah, moonbow, we posted the same time. that is also a great idea! I wish I had thought of this. Hopefully, I will remember to do some of these things next year. It sounds lovely. :)


Thank you!:heart: I'm going to leave the Wheel up for another hour before I dismantle it; if anyone wants me to do a four-direction-flip for them let me know and I'll PM the information.


I like the Wheel BodhiSeed, I haven't heard if this type of divination before.

Celebrating the equinoxes is about noticing the changes in the Earth's energies and I like to make it a personal ritual that fits in with my daily life, ticking off a few items on my 'to do' list as well. If there are chores or things that need doing I sometimes keep them until the next equinox.

I forgot to mention before that I also went through our clothes and bagged up the things we no longer wear ready for the next charity bag. It seemed right to clear out the old at this time.