How Did You Find the Faeries Oracle Deck?


When I first started with AT I had a few decks. Three.
No Froud. And I mean when I started here a year ago! Forget the date by my name, I posted once all that time ago I think. I created a wishist of decks and the Froud deck was on it. Funny thing about that list; I have everything on it except for one deck, The Healing Earth Tarot. (And that deck is on it's way soon, another story.) I had three categories, and one category was the what I really want category. The decks from that list: The Wishing Well, The Quest Tarot (had it and traded it), Songs for the Journey Home, The Healing Earth Tarot, The Froud Faeries Oracle, and Daughters of the Moon Tarot (again had it and traded, but now I want it again. Am making a new list!) and of course, the VisionQuest Tarot.

The power of setting a goal folks, the power of knowing what you want.

Anyway, my Faeries deck came to me thru a purchase on ebay! Yup, my deck is someone's ebay cast-off, an adopted set of Fae, that were opened and looked thru, but never used. (Later I bought one at B&N for my sister, and she has never used hers. In fact, I opened the box!)

Here's how I finally got the Faeries. The Froud came up for trade on the AT trading forum and I tried to get the deck. Unfortunately, the trade went bad, in many ways, and I was determined to get the deck. I did a search on ebay and bid on what I thought was the deck but was just the book. the seller wrote me and told me I didn't need the cards, the book would work just fine. Um, he had no idea who he was talking to. I was able to get out of that trade, and found a set, and here I am.

And, I'm really a newbie to the deck, like all of you. I thought it might be interesting to sort of look back and see how it was that we came to this deck, what little twists in the road led us to it. In the end it doesn't really matter, what matters is the wisdom you get from the relationship with the Fae, but I love stories. So, please, let me get a cup of tea, and regale me with your stories. Thanks!


Simply I was letting my finger wander round Amazon and came across the faerie cards...

I have always loved the flower faires and all things natural, currently I am working on "sorting myself out" and well the faerie cards just seemed perfect... they have been solace and giggles for me... I love them and would now never part ;)


A very kind and vital member of this forum did a couple of readings for me with the Faeries. Both times bad faeries! But she was so funny and and enthusastic about them that, against my usual inclination (I'm not that much into whimsy), I had a look at the website...

and again, had a look at the website....

and again...

and then I went to amazon and ordered my faeries. And forgot all about them because I was travelling. I returned yesterday, and they were there! :)

No goals. They just hopped, skipped and danced into my life (courtesy of Amazon and with the help of my faery on the forum).


Well, I had been looking for a new Tarot deck for a while, but I wasn't finding anything that particularly caught my fancy. Anyhow one day, having nothing better to do, my brother and I decided to go waste some time in Borders. I browsed in all of my usual spots, and at some point lost track of where my brother was, and in my search to find him I came across the tarot display where the Faeries Oracle sat. I was totally taken by the image on the front of the box and I just felt that I had to have it. :)

Actually I acquired my deck sometime during the course of last year, but I had only done readings for myself with it until joining these forums. It has easily become my favorite deck. :)


We've had Brian Frouds Faerie book since it came out.
My kids looked through it so often it's in shreds.
Later my daughter got the Faerie Oracle when it came out from a friend.
I tried to wrestle it from her kung foo grip but she wouldn't let me have it.
I cried and mopped untill I found my own set in a half price book catalog.
We have been inseprable ever since.


Helvetica what is the url for the website? I am not familar with it?




Like Lark I am a big fan of Brian Frouds Faerie book. (remind me to tell you about the amazing experience I had when I read the book one day from cover to cover:D) So when I found out there was a deck available I was absolutely over the moon. However lack of money kept me from just rushing out and buying it. Anyway, one of my best friends bought it but gave it to me when she found out how much I adored it and found that she didn't really connect with the deck. Though she uses it when she visits me, I have always had a much easier time getting an answer from the faeries than she has. Mind you though, she's got a great connection with any deck that has angels. So between us we cover a lot of ground. :D



Faeries Found Me

My mother gave me Froud's Faeries book back in 1979. I was 17. She knew I'd love it and she was right. I read it voraciously. I connected with the artwork and the way the book was kind of like a nature sketchbook/journal. I was enchanted.

Sadly, in my late 20's I fell down a religious rabbit hole and tossed my Faerie book into the dumpster along with a whole collection of other occult/folklore books. :( I spent a number of years in conservative, fundamentalist Christianity until I crashed and burned in my mid 30's. Several years ago I began reclaiming what I'd lost during those years and one tangible way I did that was by locating and buying back an original copy of the Froud Faeries book through eBay. I was soooo delighted when it arrived, I felt like I was being reunited with an old friend.

A couple years ago a good friend of mine gave me Good Faeries/Bad Faeries not knowing how attached I was to my original Faeries book. She said the book called out to her with my name and she just had to buy it for me. I was moved to tears. It felt like the faeries were welcoming me home and making sure I'd never be without them again.

Over last summer I began reading tarot. As I became more and more involved in tarot, I saw the Froud Oracle at the bookstore. I didn't buy it right away because I was focused on learning tarot and thought it might be too difficult to try and learn a whole different set of cards. But it kept gnawing at me so I finally gave in. One day I simply stood up and told my husband, "I'm going to get the Faeries." We went and bought them that night and I giggled like a little girl as we drank coffee at the bookstore and I perused the deck.

And here I am. :)



The Faeries found me! I bought a lot of books, decks and odds and ends from a magician who was cleaning house last summer. I drove for three hours to pick up everything she had listed ... lots of Kabbalah, Enochian, OTO, Golden Dawn, Rosicrucian, and Crowley stuff. When I got there, she threw in a few more things that she had found for the original agreed upon price. I hit the mother-lode, I tell you!

The Faeries were in the boxes and rode home with me. I didn't even see them until I started saging everything in my back yard (before bringing it all in my home). They began sputtering and stomping around - not real happy about banging around in the back of my car with all those ceremonial types, and not quite sure what to do with their new witch, either. I saw them, tried to stuff them all back in the box with that it's-just-an-oracle-not-even-a-real-Tarot-deck attitude. But they wouldn't have any of it. They have pretty much commandeered an entire shelf in my library these days, and even come out and play during my Tarot classes. Honest, I don't pack them. They just show up!

We're still learning about each other, I think. Oh, but they are wonderfully wicked.