How Did You Find the Faeries Oracle Deck?


I was wandering through the New Age section at my local Waldenbooks. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just wandering.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a box.

The box was hidden on a bottom shelf, in a corner, behind other boxes of Oracle and tarot cards. It was surprising that I even noticed it at all, since all that could be seen of the box was a corner.

Curious, I uncover the box and see Froud's beautiful artwork looking back at me. I felt I had no choice but to bring home The Faeries Oracle. :) It was like they were waiting for me to wander by, and peeked out so I knew they were there. :)


I was wandering around at Border's looking for a Dragon Tarot and a Fey Tarot. I saw the Fey Tarot deck but they didn't speak to me, but I am hoping someday :) . I also couldn't find a Dragon Tarot that was calling to me with any real energy, when this box just fell off the shelf. Well needless to say I had to buy them. :D


I saw this deck on AT and went mad reading all the threads for this deck.. I would keep reading the threads again and again and would keep eyeing the pics..I couldnt buy it from India, as tarot/oracle decks are not easily available here.. :( Thus i had to wait for someone to go abroad, then they would buy it for me.. But i guess, the faeries really wanted to visit me and be a part of my life. In Dec, a lovely AT member, sent me this deck in my xmas parcel exchange.. And voila, the faeries were finally here safe and sound..:) :) And since then, my life has been enchanted and magical.. woohooo...:party:


I, too, found mine by reading through postings here at AT!!
So, one day I found them at I think it was. Really adore the artwork - but did not connect well with some of them. So, I continued on with my tarot work, but kept the Faeries around for semi-daily draws and the like. And to work with in a couple of reading exchanges.

That was LAST year!
This year, actually for the paste few months, they have started to grow on me. Or rather, I have grown in my understandings, and now I can hear them speak to me, if you will.

However, last September "they" were with me at the hospital for a much desired and needed hip surgery -- and the little guys were all OVER the place! In chipped paint, funny swirls in the sink; it was totally great! Made me smile, all those strange little people ... and oh the animal types I saw!! WoW! :)

So, we are now growning together -- and I even bought a deck for a very low price online ( or maybe amazon) for my DIL - hoping to ease her into her psychic side. I found them in my new grandson's bedroom while out there in November... what better place for them to reside, eh? ;)



I resisted this deck. Looked at it lots of time but "not tarot', 'too expensive'. 'likely too frou-frou', etc etc. Still wanted it but couldn't rationalize buying it. Then one day the local Chapters store had it on for a huge markdown and I said to myself, 'well, if not today, then when?'

I have worked my way into the deck slowly, mostly through the Faeries Seekers groups. My personality may be a little swords-y but I must admit this deck really speaks to me.


"How Did You Find the Faeries Oracle Deck?"

I walked into a bookstore, and there it was - the Faery Oracle pack - just looking back at me from its table display. I knew I had to have it.

That's what they all say...


I just recently found AT, but have had my Faeries for about a year now. Originally, I started reading tarot as a teenager when a friend bought me the most beautiful celtic tarot deck. Somehow over the years, this deck was misplaced. The first time I saw the Faeries Oracle was in a One Spirit catalogue. I had to have them. I ordered it. Unfortunately, as I began to get serious about my spiritual journey I was cautioned about not starting out with Faery energy/magick as they can be so unpredictable. LOL! A few months back while talking with a friend of mine about this the words just tumbled out "but they wouldn't hurt me, I belong to them...I have Faery blood." And that just sums it all up for me. Oracle or not, my Faeries speak to me, my Rider-Waite deck is a struggle. Blame on my Irish heritage...or reading too much Kipling as a kid.


It was a long hard sale to get the Froud's. Finally tried purchasing them off ebay, lost; Amazon, didn't go through and finally Amazon and it went through and got book/deck and then they just sat there and sat there and sat there...I couldn't touch them..but finally did today and wow...was impressed.


i have loved Froud for about 10 years, and have 13 of his books at last count... his art incorporates the humour, nature, and magic, and quirkiness of faery...the faeries aren't too perfect, there is always something a little odd about them...not too angelic or disneyfied...and such a variety of characters, vulgar, dignified, playful, mischevious...

I had never wanted to try tarot/oracle or anything of the seemed creepy/weird. but Froud's books were leading me to look deeper into faery folklore and to start to wonder...

so i was at the university bookstore, buying stuff for my literature course reading list when i saw...the faeries oracle.

i didn't know what 'oracle' meant. but i recognised the art and felt drawn to those little the end the faeries made me buy them instead of a book on critical theory! they helped me work through a hard time in my life then. I am so glad they found me/I found them!

diane drizzy

I loved Brian Froud's Faeries right from the start. Later I found AT and imagine my dismay when I found that the gang hit the Big Time, went all Hollywood and had publicity photos done of themselves and boxed up nice and neat! At least I can say I knew them when...