how do we publish a deck?


many people here already created tarot decks so id like to ask the opnion of someone that already got a deck can we find publishers for our deck? do i have to sell the deck rights and then they will publish or we can do some agreements?

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There are several major tarot publishers (it's in a post on the Deck Creation section, you may have to go through the archives a bit). They do usually list what they're looking for, how to submit your art to them, etc. The two in the USA are Llewellyn & US Games. Italy has Lo Scarabeo (they use their own artists), and there's a Swiss company A.G. Muller. Usually they buy rights for cards (not t-shirt rights or mug art, etc.) and they get to keep your artwork originals (they need them for doing second printings, etc.).

There are several smaller companies that do this too, but they're much harder to find. And then, there are artists who publish their own decks because they either want to, can't get a publisher to pick them up, or because they only want a limited run of the deck & nothing else. Or any of a number of other reasons too, I guess.

But the major publishers handle all the details, want the art size a certain size, want input on the back image used, and basically stick their fingers in everywhere because they want to make money at it & feel they know best. They're also backlogged with decks coming out, so have it all lined up for the next 2 or 3 years down the line already. You'd have to 'get in line'.

Take a look at the main sites for the major companies. See what they list there. Also take a look at the types of decks they've already published--if they focus totally on historical decks, for instance, they're not likely to go with a theme deck that's modern. But you never know!

I believe there's info, too, in the several volumes of The Encyclopedia of Tarot. And members here can give more advice on it all, as well.



well i already visited us games site but i didnt see any section about publishing or anything related to if u are reading my topic and have any other hint to me ao thank ya! :)

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Here you go Estroncios.

US Games moved it to their 'help' section, it's #3 down the page for deck submissions & questions. You can click there for guidelines on submitting artwork. They used to have a whole separate page devoted to new deck submissions, but their site was revamped last year sometime. Here's the link:

You have to go to the bottom of the screen for Llewellyn's submissions guidelines. Go here: and look at the bottom choice, it gets you to a whole page about what they require, what they give, etc.

Lo Scarabeo does everything in house (their own artists, their own decks).

AGMuller is a subsidary of Carta Mundi Their site is in Swiss, German or Dutch (can't tell which).

There were three smaller publishers listed on Illuminationtarot's site, click on 'publishers' to get to it. The Inner Traditions site is Bear & Company (they put out the Medicine Cards deck), but their submissions page is mostly about books, not decks. I'd e-mail them. There's also Red Wheel and over in the UK, Thorsons

That should get you started.