How do you cleanse a pendulum?


I own a rutilated quartz pendulum, and I can feel it has run out of good vibes. I would like to cleanse it so to use it to cleanse a deck as well, but I have no clue on how to do it. Could somebody help me in this? thanks.

Briar Rose

Depending on the crystal (your is rutilated quartz) you could try placing it on sea salt over night, or recharging it in moon light, or placing it in aplant over night, or holding it over running water. Then letting it rest a day or so and it should be good as new.


you could smudge it with sage. works for cards, too among other things.


Thank you Heavensvault and Disa, that was really helpful! :)


Just pour some nice clean water on it - quartz likes water. If it has golden rutiles, it's more of a sunny stone, so the sun is better than the moon (and in any case, the moon is waning)- although I tend to use the sun (or moon) to charge rather than cleanse.


Thank you Fudugazi, that was a good advice, I hadn't thought of the sun as a charging influence :)


Clean under cold clear water, pass through your favourite incense and keep in the moonlight for 3 nights and you are ready to go! Maybe even find a new bag or container for it...or cleanse that as well. :)