How do you contact the Faeries?


I thought it'd be interesting work with/connect with/see/talk to/etc. the good folk. I know this board is supposed to be about the oracle deck (which I don't even have yet :| ) but what's special about the oracle deck, as far as I can see, is that they can actually be used as gateways into Faery, and many of the posters here seem to to have some experience for this strange parallel world.

To start with myself, I have a fairy guide (if you wish) around, my muse, who inspires me and helps me contact the fae in- and outside. Sometimes (I don't know how I get this, but it seems to be a certain state of mind) I have fairy vision, so I can see the fae form of myself (which includes wings) but also of other people, animals, plants, rocks, etc. As I mentioned before, fairies are everywhere, and *they stare at me*. Perhaps it's a good thing I only get this once every so often...

Apart from this, I try to get into a faery state of mind when I'm drawing or writing stories. I'm now writing fairytales based on cards (see the reading offer thread in Divination) and I've started drawing fairies blindly.

Let me explain. I have to wear glasses to see any detain at any distance, so when I take my glasses off I'm nearly blind. When I draw like this, I can see the pencil and the paper, but not the lines I'm drawing. This way, I try to draw my mood, or a thought, and when I put my glasses back on the resulting picture is very different from my 'normal' drawings. I then clean up the drawing and give it a name, if it wants one. Last night I drew something that didn't really know what it was, and in the end I gave it the name "Watemai?". It smiled at me then, in spite on only having a dot for a mouth. It was cool. :)

So anyway, I know you guys are doing stuff like this as well, so let's share exercises/meditations/communications/observations/etc.

Btw: does anyone else feel more connected to Fae the less clothing they're wearing?


WillieHewes said:
Btw: does anyone else feel more connected to Fae the less clothing they're wearing?

HA! That is a great one. Actually i feel closest to the fae when i am ...doing things like i'll be listening to music while cleaning my house, and i'll do a spin here and there, sing in a silly voice, exaggerating words, notes, etc. My kids LOVE it, they laugh at their mom being silly, and usually i'll reach down and tickle their tummy's while i'm at it. Soon they usually end up dancing along beside me spinning in circles and all of us laughing.

As far as connecting with the faery's, well, i haven't always been into faery's. I've always liked things around faery's, for instance, unicorns. I ADORED (still do, but not as adamant) unicorns when i was a young girl. I collected them for a while, anything with a unicorn on it, jewelry boxes, dolls, coffee cups, figures, anything. I also "feel" like an elf, so i've always adored elves too. Not the leprachauns, and not the tiny lil elves that can hide behind a blade of grass either. More like Lord of the Rings (type) of Elves, human size, thin, with pointy ears. I've been told a lot in the past that i have natural elvish features which i'm VERY proud of.

So how did i get into fae?

Well, my sister (Alissa) has always loved faeries. I got into tarot reading, and years later (as i always knew she would eventually) got into tarot as well. Then she told me of the glorious deck. I started reading around this area, and then i looked up Himself after the thread my sister started about him. hearing about how all the women swooned over him, fell in love with him, and he broke their hearts. After i saw him, well, let's just say, he is a VERY convincing faery. He pulled me right into the ring and after that, i was caught by the fae and HAD to get this deck.

Since then, it's actually through the deck (and this site) that i've learned what i have about faery. Developing my own theories that i believe our my own internal truths that they have helped me see through these is that what they are, nothing but cards? huh, strange, they are MUCH MUCH more to me then cards. That feels so weird to say, that this deck is a deck

Anyways, how do i contact the fae? by seeing the different things that effect me and wondering what faery could be behind this mischief act. When i drop things, they misplace my keys, or decide that my house needs some faery organization to it, and i can't find anything around here. I can just hear those lil bugers laughing as i'm searching in a frantic mad panic b/c i need to be out the door in 5 mins or less and i can't find my darn keys. (Course, everythign that makes me mad is the Topsie Turverts fault ~ winks ~). I contact them through reading with the cards, by learning more from here and opening myself more to the possibility that all the lil qwuirks that happen around here (including my childrens odd odd behavior at times) are faeries at work. I should get a sign and hang it up some where in here, Beware, Faeries at Work ~ under Construction ~ Sounds cute. smiles.


WillieHewes said:
Btw: does anyone else feel more connected to Fae the less clothing they're wearing?


Now that it's finally warm enough to strip outside, I'm finding it hard to remained clothed. I just feel more connected all around, including to the Fae.

Fae often run around mostly nekkid. The wind feels good on your skin, and your hair on your back. It's those little things that can connect you to what it is to be Fae, which is a crucial step in connecting to Fae. Fae would know these feelings, all day every day. We know them for the moments we step outside civillized society and feel them for ourselves, privately.

But, by making that connection, I believe it brings Them into more and more into your consciousness, and therefore more and more into your real world, as your awareness shifts to include the possibility of Their world too. Both exist. (Maybe neither?)

This is hard for me to get my words around, but I'm hoping I'm making sense. Gestalt psychology Faeries talking. Experiential knowledge leads us to Their world, and Them into Ours.

This deck provides a lot of concrete symbolism to put our analytical minds to work *gently enough* so that we quiet the mind and hear the messages (when it's really working for ya, that is). In that, they are effective portals to Fae ... when utilized.

(There goes another crow, out my window, flying to the NW)

That's my faeries at work too.


That's a cool spell. You are making sense Alissa, scarily enough. You think the increased popularity of faeries (I seem to see them everywhere these days, or is that just selective observation?) is doing something? Is it becoming easier to see fairies if more people belive in them, or at least not disbelieve them?


WillieHewes said:
You think the increased popularity of faeries (I seem to see them everywhere these days, or is that just selective observation?) is doing something? Is it becoming easier to see fairies if more people belive in them, or at least not disbelieve them?

First, consider this. The Faeries were all around you before, but you were not looking at them yet. There may seem an abundance of them now, around you, because you're taking *note* of them. This is the same, "bringing Them into your consciousness/awareness/field of vision" thing I love to keep talking about.

It is often quoted that when the student is ready, the Master will appear. Or, the Faeries.

And, secondly ... faeries just abound in ways to be bought and sold. They lend themselves to a variety of marketing approaches. They can be cute, kid-like, friendly. Easily digestible, therefore easy for mass consumption.

Or, they can be ... different. Darker. Sexier. Scarier.

These are all more potential markets, to producers of faery collectibles, animation/comics, art prints, figurines, or any number of guises Faeries come in when packaged for purchase. You can buy Disney or you can from the Pyramid Collection (or you can buy Waterhouse), but you're still buying what they're selling as "faeries".

I'm rambling now ... I think the Faeries have contacted *me* today.


They do make for good marketing. *sigh* I think only looking at the bright side of fae is dangerous though. Everything has a dark side, and this certainly goes for fairies. Not enough people realise this...

Am I starting to sound like a broken record yet?

Anyone else have cool ways to contact/see fairies?