How do you DO your card reading?


This is a slightly different idea than the thread started by smalloli. I'd like to know what process your mind takes when you spread the cards. Even if you say you do it a different way each time, your mind follows a pattern. This is my pattern:

First, I never ask what the question was since I feel that knowing the question influences what I will see, or what I think the Querent is looking for. A cutthroat way to do a reading, but it works for me!

Secondly, I usually ( but not always) lay out all the cards in the spread first when doing a Celtic Cross. I do a quick scan of the spread and see what it says to me. I always look at #3, #6, and #10, which I feel are three separate but connected outcomes.

Thirdly: If everything makes sense (to me) I usually start reading at this point. However, without a definate question and cards that make no sense or do not have a logical transition, one needs a place to start. Here, I would look to see how many Majors there are in the spread, and where they fall.

Fourthly:If that doesn't seem to help, I look for runs of minors to see if there are 3 or more of a suit to help me understand where the client is coming from; also multiples of Court cards.

Fifthly: If all else fails, I look at the numerology - are there any runs of numbers that give me an indication of something.

Realistically, this should take you no more than 5-15 seconds, and you can do any of these steps at any time while you are speaking with the Querent. (Confidentially, if you have to do ALL of these steps since you are drawing a complete blank, it's probably an indication that the Querent asked multiple questions or let his mind wander while shuffling.)

So, what do YOU do?


When with a querent, (Usually a friend) I'll ask them to cut the pack twice, after I shuffle it, then I'll deal the cards in a 15-card spread which I made up myself.

1- I'll scan the spread, to look at which cards are there. I'll look at what feelings or sudden meanings jump at me. I'll write these down on the pad of paper I have handy.
2- I'll note if there are any runs, and of so, if there are any runs with one card missing. If so, that is a key card in interpreting that run.
3- Note the court cards, for possible influences from people
4- Note Major's, look for runs as I did with minors.
5- Bullet point quickly what the brief meanings of each card is
6- Talk to the querent about the erading. Ask them to embellish for me, applying the cards to their life.
7- Alternatively, I will not tell the querent what the cards mean, I will simply ask them to 'weave' the story they see in the cards. (This is the method I use with friends,especially those with an eye for learning Tarot)
8- Talk through how it relates to their life. What they think of it, were they expecting it, etc. Like a counselling session and a good ole chat really.
9- Pack cards away, cup of tea, cake, listento music, to ground and relax withe querent.
10- I'll write down the reading properly in kinda essay form later, so they can keep a copy for reference.

I always get the querent to talk to me, to read the cards themselves. It's not cheating. It's counselling. I do believe I posted a topic of this called 'Chatting or Cheating' in the previous forums, so if anyonewant to go into more depth about it and discuss, go ahead: Post the topic and I'll be happy to oblige.