How do you manifest your desires/wants?


The short answer is it depends : )

For a parking spot: Many times on my way home from work on a Sat. I would ask the Universe/my guides for a parking spot in front of where I lived. Then I would picture the spot in my mind....and then let the picture/thought go and think about something else.

For my financial situation I created two vision boards. One was to bring money to me and the other to take the debt away.

Before I moved to Chicago I focused on being in Chicago with the guy I was in love with.

LOL this is how I managed to manifest two things.......I had told my ex (yup the guy mentioned above) that I would take him to pick up his son on a Sunday. I really, really didn't want to do this. So on my way home from work on Sat. the brake and battery lights in my car came on and stayed on. I drove my car to the repair shop but was told to bring the car back on Monday. I was too scared to drive my car like that so I called my ex and told him I couldn't pick them up. Then I decided to get a new car. I rode my bike to work for two days and decided on Wed. (my day off) I was going to buy a new car. I had no idea how much cars cost or even what kind of car to buy. I didn't even know if I could get a loan. LOL I looked for used car dealers closest to me and on Wed. morning I set out on foot. A ride home to pick up my car and when I left the dealership it was in my "new" car : )

For me.....I find that with the "bigger" stuff....well actually the little things let the Universe figure out the details. If I say I want money and I'm going to do x...y...z to get it...the Universe may take longer to bring me x...y...z than if I simply let the Universe decide to bring me a...b...c instead.

For day on my way back to the office I passed the bakery. I started thinking about their chocolate covered/creme filled donuts and simply decided that "soon" I would go there and get one. The very next morning my supervisor asked me if I would like a donut...I was just about to leave for my route. He walked over with a box and only two donuts were left.....and there staring at me was my chocolate covered/creme filled donut from the bakery I passed the day before : )

Recently my son asked if he could order a game guidebook for one of his X-Box games. After he placed the order and up until we received the order....he mentioned to me at least 5 times that this book has two different covers and he specified which one he wanted. When the book arrived it had the cover he was hoping for.

And this I have to laugh at.....Many times I would go to work in the winter with wet hair. These two guys would always try to tell me I was going to get sick. Well I didn't get sick but they did : )

So really it depends but the main thing is to BELIEVE whatever you desire can be yours.

And sometimes you may want something but be afraid to go after it....and the Universe will find a way to give it to you anyway. From day one I hated my old apt. but was afraid to move for several reasons. Well years went by and then the owner ended up in a nursing home. The city took over and then I was forced to move....I no longer had a choice. I will say this...the owner was my number one reason.