How do you react when someone else touches your tarot cards?


My mother-in-law who usually says "she doesn't believe in SUCH THINGS" just took out my tarot cards and started shuffling casually, unlike some playing cards. I was like: "Give it to me please!". She was like: "I'm just taking one card out, why?". It was the three of wands and I didn't remember the difference between the three and two of wands. I told her I don't remember what it means and with this excuse hid it in my room. So, why did I react like that? What happens when others touch your cards (especially who always make fun of them), do you like that or not and why? If not, how do you make sure this doesn't happen?


I draw my magical sword and lop off the hand that touched them. })

The crowned one

As long as thier hands are clean, and they are careful, I do not mind at all. I encourage it.

Mystic Zyl

Lmao Ravenest, I like your sense of humor. Tarot is a tool to me, they hold no special magic. However, they are a tool I respect and do not abuse. Your Mother -in-law invaded your privacy which is wrong. She was playing with your tools which you respect, with little disregard for your feelings. She was showing disrespect to you. If anyone would handle my decks like that I would be ultra pissed off. The only time someone touches my deck is when I hand it to them to shuffle. Best you put your cards in a secret place.


I agree with Zyl.

The cards don't have any special power of their own. However, I do have a couple of decks I use just for myself--they feel better that way.

What your MIL did was show she has NO sense of boundaries or respect for those boundaries. I wouldn't worry about the cards themselves, so long as they're not soiled and they're all there, but I would have a chat with her about respect. Tools should be treated as such--and if she doesn't get it, keep them somewhere where she won't find them or literally under lock and key. My cedar trinket boxes all have locks. I don't need to use them, but they're there if I do, and I keep the keys on a little ring nearby.


I beat them with a stick or pepper spray them, whichever is handier. KIDDING! Most decks I don't mind. I have a couple decks I just read for myself with, I don't really like people touching them, but those don't come out for people anyway. It's just a preference, I just use those decks for me.
There are oop decks I don't like people touching unless they do it respectfully as in clean hands and they don't just throw them around. But that's because I think people should be respectful of my things in general, and they're oop and/or expensive to replace, not because I think it will somehow make me unable to read with them. Most of my decks I really don't mind people looking through, in fact, if I'm reading for someone, I would encourage it to let them pick a deck.
It sounds like it was more the disrespect for you and your things, whether or not it was your tarot deck, and the fact she seems disrespectful about what is important to you. I wouldn't want someone who thinks tarot is a joke to touch my cards either.


I do readings in public and everyone can touch everything. My clients shuffle and cut the cards, we discuss images, they can draw a card of the day when I am not right there next to them. They can do a reading with my cards for their friends... whatever.
Iffff there is a deck that I do not want anyone to touch, I do not leave it, where anyone can access it.
I however am a little more vigilant with small children.
They may look, but not play with my cards.


People feel different about their things; the problem is when they think you will feel the same as them; I wouldn't mind if you touched my cards so ....

Some people get very attached ... I asked a friend once if I could borrow his chainsaw (my other friend lets me use his all the time) his response: "Why don't you ask to borrow a pair of my underpants while you are at it!?" .... I think he meant ; no.


What's frightening about that Ravenest

Is someone considering a chain saw the same as underpants....but I digress...
I agree it is about how someone feels, not just about tarot, but the same could be said for anything one takes seriously. I'm sure not all golfers would say sure, you can borrow my clubs, or most people might NOT say no problem, of course you can chainsaw or underpants...
I think it's about respect for someone's feelings and their things. I recently had a guest in my home who promptly sat in my best chair, sideways, with their feet against it (NOT that kind of chair). They had pushed out so hard against the sides, when they left and I sat in it, it went way back, it's NOT a recliner. So I think it's about showing respect and ASKING before you just snatch someone's cards or golf clubs or anything they find of value.


? Did someone say it was frightening?

Some men will never let anyone touch their tools, they treat them as close and personal objects (like undies) and actually take offence at the idea of someone else using them ... and even some touching them or moving them. Often their tools are associated with their livelihood and income ... very important.

I thought that was in sync with the discussion on how some feel about their tarot cards.

Sorry, am I being obscure again?