How do YOU read your cards.


I am confused as to how to read the cards best.

I am still a beginner (for a very long time now) so reading don't come easy. I don't remember too much of the meanings of each card.

Sometimes I read straight from the little booklet that came with my pack of cards, sometimes I look at the image and try to relate to the question that i ask.

So, I ask, how do YOU read your cards.


im a beginner too and have had similar questions. ive never done a reading for anyone else because it wouldnt seem right if i pulled out the book every few seconds;) how i try and go about it- usually i try to it out on my own (from the pictures or whatever i can remember about the meanings) and for the cards that didnt seem to click, ill look in the little book. i almost always write the reading/spread in my journal and write what i thought about each card (including what the book suggested, if it made sense) or anything else that called out to me. i guess that is the newbie method;-) though as of late, ive been trying to pay attention to more of how everthing fits together or how cards relate to one another, rather than reading each card by itself. good luck, im interested in what anyone else might have to say.


Hi, Welcome here,

I am an intuitve reader. I let my imagination flow and try to listen to my inner voice. I also got plenty of books on tarot, but basically I stick to what I feel when I see the cards.


Like you, I am also a newbie to Tarot. What I am doing is journaling my research into each card. I don't always succeed in my plan, but I try to do at least one card each day. Here's my method of analysis:

Draw the card to be analyzed that day (for me I do this as a random drawing and re-draw if I draw one that I've already done). Look at it carefully and completely, observing every detail, trying to find each and every possible symbol in the image. Pay attention to the colors, the background, the setting, everything has importance. I notate everything in my journal and then research the meanings of each item. I then look at the image as a whole and note the impressions that it gives me. Next, I tie all this together in my own interpretation of the card using everything that I've learned (research) and observed about the card. Sometimes, I will also write down the interpretation from the LWB for comparison and contrast--although, if it differs from my own, I still use my own--at times it will give me added insight into the card.

I keep my journal on my computer, so I also include a scanned image of the card. I then print out the pages to keep in my binder.

A few times each week I will leaf through the pages in my binder to review and refresh my memory of each card's interpretation. Any card with which I have a problem remembering the interpretation, I will read my notes out loud--that puts it into the brain multiple times: eyes seeing, brain comprehending, voice speaking, ears hearing, and brain comprehending (again).

Hope this helps!


I understand how you feel about pulling out the books! I won't read for anyone but my friends because I still rely on them so much.

I've tried to memorize as many of the meanings as I can so that I don't have to do that as much. Some cards I know on sight but others I still have to look up. Especially the ones that don't appear very often.

What I generally do now is lay out the cards and get my general impressions from them. I tell the querrent what I think and then we double-check it against the book. Sometimes I'm dead on, but sometimes they'll hear something in the book that makes more sense to them. This has helped me with my intuiton and with my confidence.

Hope that helps!
Rhiannon :)


first off, there is no right or wrong way to read or "learn" the tarot. i have taken a class, signed onto this board and read and participate in the discussions on the cards themselves, read the lwb and other books but i also listen to my intuition and get a pheel for what the cards mean to me, rather than others.

like anyone else learning them, i stumble on some cards and that's when i refer to my lwb or my notes. usually tho, there meaning of that card can be found or placed into meaning by reading cards that lay next to it.

so, do whatever pheels natural to us. learning tarot is also like discovering what you want. if something works for you use it, if it doesn't...don't sweat it and move on.

welp, off to go finish my daily 3 carder.
blessed be,


I only do one or two readings a week, and mostly either past, present and future spreads or just a general 6 card spread. I look at the cards first to get an impression then write down the entire spread and what I get from the cards - then I check with my books to see the meanings of each card.

The only problem I had was when I bought my deck the Original Rider Waite and tried to read through the little booklet that came with them, I found most of the meanings very negative so I never looked at it again.


In regards to lost01's comments about bringing out the book while reading for others...

In my few reading experiences with others, there seems to be an innate respect that people have for those who delve into reading Tarot cards. When I would bring out the book during readings and then tell another interpretation of the card that could be made, it usually generated a good discussion about alternate meanings. But in the end, everyone would always quiet down and let "the Reader" have the last word.

So in some cases, the book can be a good tool for discussion as well as a good reference.

Peace to all,


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I definitely understand about checking the book. I am a reformed book checker. A dear friend told me once that I had an incredible amount of intuition and the time had come for me to rely on it. I did not understand what he meant until I was doing a reading and realized that I was looking up the next card before I had even LOOKED at it. From that moment on, I ignored the book. I still have a page at the front of my spread book for quick reference if a card is giving me no impression at all, but I use it less and less. Since I quit looking at the book, my friends have been telling me that I am becoming more and more accurate. I even gave one girl a bad case of the chills!
So I guess my answer would be, I don't read the cards, I listen to them.


I started off reading the little black book and then veered away from it. Then when I got a new deck I got a book on how the author went about creating the symbolism on the deck and loved reading that book to help me gain even more insight.

Soooooo . . . started with the book, rely more now on intuition, but still like to go back to books in study and then put it away in meditation, allowing the images to join with my own.

Whatever works best for you is best for you. A daily journal is a good way to learn the cards, choose a card a day, study it in perhaps books or other means, then meditate and write down your impressions.

Lots of different ways to do this. Best is to practice practice and practice.