How does the study group work?


I'm new to the forums. I bought the deck yesterday. I looked through it and love these cards. Just wondering how does the study group work? Thanks


Well, I think it's supposed to work by starting a thread and having others respond to about a certain card and your thoughts about it, what you think of the symbolism that you feel is really good or bad, anything that relates to the fey cards. But unlike some of the other study groups, it seems that this one struggles with participation *hint, hint ya'll* I tried to keep it going, but didn't have much help......

Hey, Lunafey, what is next on the agenda for this study group?


MoonDreameR said:

Hey, Lunafey, what is next on the agenda for this study group?

I dunno?
got any ideas?

As far as study of the Fey- there are quite a few threads that are wonderful.....they just need to be stirred up.


Yup. There are some interesting things sparkling at our fingertips ;) .. I can't stand to wait any longer .. bahaha :) I'm still waiting for my fey tarot (and I have to admit I ordered two additional decks: Dürer and Decameron from LS).

But I'm staying faithful to the fey, I guess :)

Can anyone give me a hint where to find numerological explanations for 1-10 (for the lesser arcana)? *sigh* That may better be posted in a more general board, I know :) ... but I'ld like some info that better relates to the fey deck.



hmmm- we have not done anything with the Fey's numbers.
The 'meanings' of numbers come from all sorts of places- numerology- which- yes- is in another section...
But the fey? I never considered that the fey would have thier own numerical representations.
They are so unique that I bet they would have something all thier own...


Yep, guess you're right ... and I guess the artwork is "evocative" enough to give insight into the meaning of the message anyway.. :)