How Does your Garden Grow?


Ahhh...but how can you bear to plant the little darlings? :angel:


My family has decided that I'm now keeping pot plants. I've ended up with two Geraniums and a Desert Rose on my balcony. It's been decades since I tried to keep any plant. I remember distinctly being death personified on Maiden Hair Ferns and Venus Fly Traps...

I've had the Geraniums for about two months now, and I'd ended up naming them: Still Not Dead Number One and Still Not Dead Number Two. They get dreadfully upset if I mix them up.

I got the Desert Rose on Christmas Day. It'll be interesting to see if it survives.

Growing something has provoked odd feelings in me. I keep domestic rats, so I have the fur baby Mum thing down pat. But I can shove my vermin in a traveling cage at will and take off anytime I like, whereas the plants are rather more difficult to take care of. I feel strangely weighed down. It's not unpleasant, but it is distinctly unfamiliar. My brother said to me as he handed me the Desert Rose, that this is my next phase of life. I suspect he's right. I don't particularly want to change, but if I do, my brother may need to cope with the fact that I may not necessarily go in the direction he wants me in.

Strange, the feelings that a few pot plants have given me...


I guess with spring finally arriving in the great (now not so) white north, inspired me to poke my head into this thread. We have a fairly extensive garden in our backyard where I help my wife out. Having had no luck in regards to planting veggies we've really focused on creating some beautiful spaces one can relax in. Luckily a space that in summer one can have a fire and not even notice we're in the middle of a town.
The flowering plants are mostly perennials - though I know the coming weekend will mean the start of clean up :)

What I find interesting is that quite a number of years ago we created a moon garden. The garden in in the shape of a crescent moon around a paper birch, with white flowers - cranesbill geraniums, Casablanca lilies, "white" foxglove, white phlox, balloon flowers and bell flowers and others. Probably also because my wife loves faeries.

I jokingly say its my collection of pretty ladies to photograph: lily, rose, daisy, iris, violet and poppy :D

We also have valerian, coneflowers, other phloxes, irises, lilies, heuchera, bellflowers. roses and many others.



I'm enjoying the Southern Hemisphere Spring, and have recently discovered the colour of the mystery iris I bought at the farmers markets last year. It's blooming with lovely mauve flowers, looking rather elegant and refined compared with the big, bold scarlet hippeastrums which are shouting for attention on the other side of the garden. They're welcome to do their shouting - I'm loving spring and the surge of energy it brings.


It's been too wet and windy to do any gardening so I left my courgette plants in the they're flowering again :bugeyed: