How have the faeries changed you?

diane drizzy

Since I spend time with them, I've become less serious, more laid back. I also find myself laughing alot more and sometimes have brief moments where I know they're ROFL too. Oddly my diet has also changed a bit where I also eat more natural food things even though I'm a veggie. Even my look has changed, I wear more colors of nature and I'm certainly not as concerned about "bad hair"days.
What great therapy the faeries can be!!!


(sighs) I really need to spend some time with my Fae. I've been neglecting them of late, spending more time with my Tarot decks.

Hope they're not mad!!


In an interesting progression of advice from the fae, I've been putting up a card as I work through detaching from a longstanding relationship.

Over the course of a couple weeks as I wrestled with the last few conflicting feelings of should I, can I, the cards have been all serious, deep thinking ones: including
the faery who was kissed by the pixies (the line says metaphorical openheart surgery!),
Nelys (with which a significant heart shift--alchemy--really happened).

I kept each card up until I felt I'd fully meditated on the advice there and experienced the energy of the card.

Finally, today, I think--I hope--I've released the last clinging claws of expectations and judgment--and the card I drew was Taitlin the Sylph telling me to go wild with new ideas.

I'm really feeling the power of each and every step with these fae. They've made my High Priestess bloom.


I haven't had them a whole week yet but they have made me more active on this forum! lol They have also made me more relaxed and more expectant. I'm wondering what they will do next and what new exciting surprises life has in store. AND I would have never thought about faeries being real before much less talk about it! lol I'm so intrigued and want to learn more.

Right now I feel I'm connecting with them more in regards to intuition and less through the cards. Kinda strange. I'm sure this will change to include the cards the better I get to know them. Then I will have names to go with the thoughts.

Diane-Drizzy, I have noticed a subtle change in my eating habits too. It took me a whole day to eat a Hershey's bar when before I would've eaten it in about 5 minutes! Strange how that works. I also went out without my contacts and just my glasses. *horrors* lol Thanks for this thread. :)

P.S. I think that I'm also laughing more.

September Pixie

Mine are telling me I shouldn't have been so lazy and joined this forum sooner! Since finding the orace.. I, too, have also started eating healthier.. I have lost a few lbs along the way too! I don't feel as stressed out anymore and this morning I woke dreaming about Penelope Dreamweaver! I then did a faerie reading (6 cards, no special order) and pulled out all the nurturing, changing, and ambition cards! The Pook, The Maiden, She of the Curach, Bright Mother, He of Fiery Sword, & The Oak Men.. I then pulled an extra card that I placed as Fae I needed 'help' with and I pulled A Collective of Pixies!

So sounds like they are about to do a huge re-working of my life! I am excited.. a bit nervous.. but terribly excited!! They have changed my life in countless ways.. I turn to them for nearly everything now...

I sang with them for the first time today! Might I add.. they came MUCH sooner than I had expected and were much more plentiful today! Which... could mean.. I am either REALLY good at it.. or REALLY bad! :laugh:


Just wait until they start playing pranks on you ~giggles~ .... they are great. I have had mine for close to two years and still carry them with me every day. They have hidden my book (multiple times), and even though I keep the deck with me it sometimes appears elsewhere in my house ... particularly when I have been to busy to check-in with them. Trust me, you will have stories to tell ... if you don't believe me just ask Alissa and Sag *LOL*


Jewel said:
Trust me, you will have stories to tell ... if you don't believe me just ask Alissa and Sag *LOL*
Oh ~*JEWEL*~!!! :D

I just posted to you in TT forum as well, how happy I am to see your face here again. I've missed you EVER SO!!!

And lordy me, you MUST stick around this time. Tell me what we need to keep the water friendly for your mermaid tail and we'll get it! ;) Why look! I've already almost caught up to your post count! You have a LOT of work to do here.... :D tee hee~!



*RFLMAO* you crack me up Alissa. I will see what I can do stay around. The waters have been turbulent and have kept me away, but it is great to be back. I sure hope to stick around. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's posts here in this forum. If there is one thing that has not changed is that the faeries are still at work in my life :) ... ~hugs~ to you my dear friend.


I have pretty much been playing with my faeries all day today and I have to say that the greatest change they have made in my life is that now I really do believe in faeries, and no one will ever be able to convince me otherwise ever again. I also seem to be much more optimistic and happy overall, regardless of what happens.

They have unfortunately not had a positive effect on my diet, but I do appreciate nature even more than I already did. And when I am out in my yard I know they are all around me.

I also never feel completly alone.