How I got started.


Another method for deck creation

Here's how I've worked on decks: Illustrator 9 and Flash 6. Both of them are suited to my own way of thinking about images. Both of them are useful for making endless variations on your ideas, and saving them where you can find them. Illustrator (and of course Photoshop) allows you to use photographic material for collage, as well as freehand work.
Caveat: back up your designs!! Save copies on discs outside your hard drive!! Can't stress this enough.


Tarot Templates

moonman said:
Oh yeah you can always ask the Publishers for a template and submission guidelines, even if your not even thinking of getting them published this will save some time.

Hi Creatives,

If anyone needs any templates (eps format) please e-mail me and I'll send you them no worries. :)

I have a template of Tarot card size 70x120.eps + the box.

I hope this can save a bit of time

Good luck to all those creatives design decks we need more of you!



Hey Maud, sorry, but I am not sure what you mean by templates? Would you (or anyone... :p) mind letting me know what you mean by this? Thanks!



I hope you don't mind Maud me jumping in to answer to Kaynes question.

Templates are boarders used to place your pic in.




Thanks seb

I know that I've got a ær¬ about ƒace way of explaining things.

When my deck is finished I hope people understand my deck ha ha.....I'm not that bad really.