How long do you think it will take?


How long do you think it will take???

Hi Guy's,

I've been reading this thread and i was wondering how long do you think it will take to do your own deck? this is just the artwork side of it.

I'm thinking about doing the same but it's makeing the time. I've got all my ideas etc. but I just need to get started!!



(Moonman: I split this thread becease it is about a different subject... hope you don't mind!)

Anyway... I think my deck will take about three years to complete. Sounds a long time but I think it is realistic. If I stick to my goals I will have the majors finished by the end of the year... next year I am travelling overseas so I will do the Minors when I return...

Might end up being 4 years... But I definately plan on finishing this one!


That's what I was thinking too

Hi kayne,

I was thinking the same thing too. A friend of mine took about 6 months but she works 24/7 even. She is always doing something even when I'm talking to her on the phone.

Designing my own cards is something what I really want to do and now I've got the chance to do it.

Anyone else designing there own cards?? Any tips on mental blocks???



Yeah Id definately say at least 3 years, 78 works of art takes a while. I suppose if you do one a week itd be possible to get it done in 2

Of course my first "deck" is only going to be majors and isnt going to take very long, but thats my secret project to be announced on completion hehe



I think

It will take a lifetime!
But it might just be fun and something I can learn from!

Love and Light


Well my rune deck took me about three weeks....but my tarot deck i think will take up several years.
Especially since every time i finish a couple of cards i change my view and have to start al over again ;)

( o i wish i had a sanner so i could ask for your opinion about my cards so far :( )


with me it took 1 month to finish 70 of the cards (but that was because it ws my summer vacation, and that i already had an image bank [since it was a thematic deck], so i just had to crop images and arrange their layers). but, since i underwent an internship program, i stopped it momentarily. now i'm feeling lazy, and so it might take another 3 months to finish the 8 remaining cards.

i guess it really depends on how voracious you are at working on your project and how you go about things. for example, i think that cards done in the computer are generally faster accomplished than painted ones.

Major Tom

This is a great question. :D

I have found the length of time it is taking me to complete Major Tom's Tarot to be a source of great frustration at times - especially since it is a photographic deck and most of the work is done on the computer.

I recently acquired the Mountain Dream Tarot by Bea Nettles - which I believe was the first ever photographic deck - completed in 1974. Reading the information card that came with the deck, Bea Nettles related that it took her 4 years to complete her deck and this helped me put my own efforts into perspective. I've been working on my deck for two years now and will be very happy if I can complete it within four. })