How many decks?


I just saw a post on here that someone had 80 decks! WOW! I might as well take my tiny 5 deck collection and slink away to the corner. Seriously though, that got me wondering who has the most tarot decks here. So here many decks do YOU have??

Also, does anyone know if there is a tarot museum anywhere in the USA?


I certainly do not have the most decks, but I have a nice collection :) I have 51 decks with 2 more on their way. Never feel like you should "shrink away" ... what is important is that you value your collection no matter how large or small ... quality vs. quantity. The one good thing though ~giggles~ at least you know you can ask about decks that interest you and one of us is bound to be able to answer your question and provide you with information that can help you decide what decks you want in the future ;)

As for a Tarot Museum I am not aware of one but there are 3 volumes of the Tarot Encyclopedia that have pictures of tons of decks!

Love & Light,


yeah, i have 80ish decks--most of them purchased used at half the retail price--i'm a tarot-holic! i have been fortunate in that, so far, they are all in good condition; in fact, i found lots of them "just opened" and not even out of order. a few OOP--these are the ones i consider little victories!
before i discovered tarot, i was heavily into collecting antiquarian books for several years, but this is a very expensive hobby, and takes up much more shelf space than tarot! however, i still go "hunting" in the same venues, but now it is to find tarots instead of old books! i have found as many as twenty used decks at one shop, and still haven't paid as much as i used to pay for just one antique book! buying en masse was the reason the collection grew so quickly, but lately i've mostly gifted, sold or traded my finds.
i'd be glad to find decks for others here on the forum...just let me know what it is you seek--i thoroughly enjoy the search!


I now have five full decks and one small deck of 22 Majors. I'm not a really a collector and all my decks get used :)


Hi all,

I have about 15 to16 decks. Small child is sleeping in my room so this is just a rough est.

WHERE DO YOU FIND USED TAROT???? I would love to pick up a ..errrr..few more decks and am not picky.

Keep the collecting up.



I have 25 tarot or divination type decks (mostly tarot). And one more in the mail on it's way!!! Then I also have a set of runes and the crystal wisdom kit.
But I've also got 3 or 4 ?? on my christmas list so hopefully by the end of the year I'll have some more. :p


I think my deck total is up to 36...I seem to keep finding them in various rooms of my house. I think they keep finding the rooms they're comfortable in and just stay there! :D

I visit a couple local used bookstores often (at least once a week) and one of them had a Call List, where you tell them what subject or author you're specifically looking for, and they enter your name in the computer. Then, whenever they get any Tarot decks, they call me. It's an excellent service! Last week I picked up the Morgan-Greer and Art Nouveau Tarots this way.




Wow! I've got two decks and one more on its way from amazon (if it ever gets here, I ordered it over a month ago).

I've got a long way to go yet. I must admit I never thought that second hand bookshops would have Tarot cards. I'll have to check it out locally.

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I only have three.

The thoth, the mythic and good old rider waite. I did have another weird deck which I got at a 2 dollar shop but I gave it away.

I'm not really a collector (can't afford it) but would like to pick up a few more decks.
I'll have to check out some used book shops.



Well, I only have 25 decks, but considering I've been collecting for a bit less than a year, and I only work 10 hours a week on a pitiful wage, I'm extremely proud of my collection.

Each time I buy a new deck to add to it, I go home and I just sit down and think that it's a new treasure. To me, it is. I don't know why, but I just love buying decks!