How modern Kabbalah is skewed


The Tetragrammaton has a male part and a female part: Yah is the male part and stands as a name in its own right. The female part is the vav-heh. This is easily discernible (if the rabbies would simply look) from the fact that vav in Canaanite shows a breast pouring forth milk, derived from its original placement on the wheel of the year (at cancer), the original order of the twelve simples being recoverable from cross-correlation with what Irish tradition preserves concerning the alphabet—yielding a result where the square-Hebrew letter for aries the head actually looks like a head (samekh), that for gemini the shoulders actually looks like the shoulders-and-arms (cheyt), and so on.

The interplay between the 'fathers' (yod-heh-vav-heh) and the worlds is not quite as simple as the modern tradition you cite would suggest. Yes, the elements are invoked in the order fire-water-air-earth. And the middle two actually invoke the second and third wheels or worlds respectively, as you have stated, but these correspond to air and water (swords and cups) respectively. How this comes about is that yod-heh unites the Light of yod (capricorn, self-knowledge, the direction straight back or in, hence on the level of fire or sight) with the desire in heh (scorpio, desire, hence on the level of taste or water) to generate a thought in sagittary, which is on the level of air (the second wheel, that of the surroundings, called Beriyah or 'creation'). The doer (us), whose realm is the third wheel, Yetzirah (the bodily form or zodiac of the torso, where spring springs up towards aries the head, fall falls down towards libra the loins, etc.), then becomes ruled by the cycling thought (air) said conjoining created, which stands for the Sophia/Prunikos of the Gnostics (feminized form of the thinker or Holy Spirit, the Ruach ha-Kodesh).

The court cards of the Tarot of Marseilles were designed to represent the four letters of the Name as it reverberates through the four worlds, but not quite as moderns have correlated them. Since vav is the only letter on the female or outer side (Boaz column) of the body, it is represented by the Queen. And since yod and the two hehs are from the male or inner side, they are the King (yod), the Knight (first heh), and the Knave (second heh). Look at four of them and you will see which is in its element: the King of Batons has one pillar in the back of his throne, the Queen of Swords has two pillars in the back of her throne, the Knight of Cups is the Grail Knight, and the Knave of Money holds one coin while a second coin lies on the ground (earth's plenty), it being the second heh.

The prophets were successful in expelling God's consort from the Temple evidently, and with her went (evidently) a proper understanding of the Name: it is ineffable for one simple reason, that being that it represents the divine creative force, which in humans manifests as the procreative force, which requires a man and woman to invoke it, not a man by himself, which is why the Name has a female part as well as a male part.

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I had requested this be moved to a separate thread in order to be explored more fully, as a thread for beginners concentrating on GD Kabbalah would be too confusing and off topic. In any case, what you say is interesting, even if I don't fully understand it. :) In any case, it seems history would have a hand in skewing the divine name more towards the male, as you say. However, doesn't two females and two males make sense?


In any case, it seems history would have a hand in skewing the divine name more towards the male, as you say. However, doesn't two females and two males make sense?
Sure, if you want to just create something off the top of your head. But the Name and the Tarot of Marseilles are existing artifacts, not just something put out there for occultism to play with. It is a fact (not of my creation) that the Tarot of Marseilles (which I consider the original tarot, since on the other side of the Alps they couldn't even agree on the order of the trumps!) has four court cards three of which are male. The Name itself is evenly divided, with a male part, yod-heh, and a female part, vav-heh. The reason three of the four letters of the Name are male figures is this: the signs yod, heh, and vav were originally stationed at were capricorn, scorpio, and cancer, respectively, and as libra divides within from without and the male side from the female side, the first two are on the male side and the third on the female side; the one manifested sign (meaning on the lower half of the wheel of the zodiac) of the same hexad that is not thus represented is virgo, which by its icon (a virgin) stands for the womb, and the womb is a hollow, its enlargement in procreation permitted by the breaking off of the front or female pillar of the body. So the letters of the Name mimic the human form in its procreative capacity, with its 'hollow' or womb awaiting the fetus.

Of course in order to judge the accuracy of my assessment of the Name, one would have to have presented to them my arguments for several things, including the original order of the twelve simples—whose present order is so obviously wrong I am quite surprised people accept it without question. It has, of course, always been my problem in presenting my dissident view of tarot and of Kabbalah on this site that few if any are willing to take the time to understand the process by which the puzzle was solved: I certainly do not expect anyone to simply take my word for it. But I keep trying from time to time, just to keep my frustration level from getting too low (lol), and because the 'standard model' (of Italian origin of tarot and of the correctness of the stipulations of today's surviving flotsam of the submerged hull of the original Kabbalah) is presented a little too smugly and with too much of a sense of intellectual superiority (on the part of some, anyway) for me to just let it lie, though I certainly do not mean to cast any dispersions on you in particular.