How to program crystals


Crystals can help you connect with your spirit guide (or anyone else, for that matter) if you programme them to do so, and then use them in meditation or journeying.

The first step is choosing a crystal that helps open the third eye, such as lapis lazuli, sodalite or amethyst.

Next, you attune yourself to the crystal: after grounding yourself, you hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand until you feel its pulse or vibration (make sure it's not your heartbeat you are feeling: check your own pulse first to tell the difference). Once you feel the pulsation of the stone, place it on your third eye, and "draw it in" - that is, feel the vibration of the stone coming into you on the in-breath, and spreading throughout your body. Once you've done that for a few minutes, start feeling how your own body is taking the vibration of the stone, and can project it out on the out-breath. Working like this with your breath and the pulse of the stone, you start feeling how your body, mind, breath and the stone are all working together.

Once you've reached that (it sounds complicated but it isn't - it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes) - you can start programming your stone. This time holding the stone in your dominant hand, project the image/sound/feeling of what you want to achieve into the stone. Work with your breath and the vibration of the stone and of your body as before. Do it until you feel the stone responding. You should feel a subtle change in vibration. Thank the stone :)

Once you are attuned to your stone and have programmed it, you can now use it to connect with your spirit guide in meditation (or, if you practice it, shamanic journeying), by setting out the intent to encounter your spirit guide as you settle into your meditation. You can hold or tape the stone on your third eye as you do so, and keep it there during the whole meditation. You can encounter your guide in different ways: you might see him, feel his energy, hear him, smell him, feel his touch, or any combination of the above - keep your senses alert and don't prejudge how he will manifest himself to you.

Good luck! It's always worth meeting a dashing man on a horse, if only in spirit form! ;)

Oh - one last thing: don't do any of this during a moon void of course - the time between the last aspect of the moon in one sign and when it enters the next sign. It's not an effective time for manifestation.

By analogy with this method of drawing in the vibration of your stone through your third eye into your body when working with third eye stones, you can use the other energetic parts of the body (chakra centres) to which the stone is most closely related: e.g. heart for heart stones, solar plexus for solar plexus stones, etc.

The method can also be adapted to suit your specific needs. There are other ways of attuning to a crystal and of programming a crystal, but I find working with a combination of touch, breath, intent and visualisation to be the most effective to produce results.

BTW - using a pendulum is dead easy! You just hold it and ask questions, having established what it would do for yes and no.


more on programming

hallo, I beleive the ritualistics that we each choose for programming (or any other healing and crystal work,) is completely independant for each person. Of course there are well-known and brilliant well-practised and shared methods/'techniques', but the INTENT and focus throughout the entire work is more effecting of the outcome than the physical methods...

Also, the CLARITY of the message is vital, to focus and be very clear about what you seek / ask / program for... A clear transmission from you will bring / receive a clear message from the Universe! (Transmitting and Receiving = Ying and Yang = Breathe In and Out ) Quartz is the most easily Programmable crystal, as it has the strongest connection with humans, is the most common mineral on Earth, and is pezioeletric, amplifying, clarifying and (I feel) along with Calcite, one of the two main Mineral Masters throughout cetainly our planet/solar system/universe?.. !

just a wee bit about 'sensitivity' to crystal effects, everyone has different reactions / levels of sensitivity / issues etc... So a crystal can affect two people completely differently, or the same but feel different! The sensations (which heighten over time / experience - like years!) can be a taste, smell, image in mind, a memory, a colour etc, and the clearer you question, the clearer you will be when it is answered... Definately involves a degree of Trust and surrending to Universal Will... blessings - Lol -x-


I would like to point out to the above great introduction into crystal programming one important aspect. It is very important to know very clearly what it is that we want to achieve. What kind of program are we storing into our crystals? Is this program really in accordance with our higher spiritual being, or just an expression of our lower self? Is it somehow directed against other people? Crystals can be very powerful tools, but they should be used only for the benefits of our self growth and in accord with our higher self.

Dancing Bear

They say the ancient egyptians use to program their crystals all the time.. and if you ever find a crystal in nature always never clear it first..
see if it as been programmed by one of our ancestors before us, First!
apparently messages use to be placed in them..
Interesting to find one if it were true.. as it is just heresay!
I dont know for sure.
Be nice though!


wow! i didn't even know that you could program crystals! thanx for the tip!!! I always thought that you just used the crystal with the right vibration for what you needed-- so i am going to use this new method for sure! guess i'm pretty untrained to be calling myself CrystalKeeper, eh?! LMAO


I know Amethyst is good for channeling your guides.

So, what other crystals are good for psychic abilities ?


sunstallion said:
I know Amethyst is good for channeling your guides.

So, what other crystals are good for psychic abilities ?

There is a thread about trusted gem websites that I've been looking over and my favorite so far is that has loads of resources on crystal healing.

My personal favorite stone for healing is Tiger's Eye and any type of black, fine, volcanic glass like inuit obsidian... I found a thread here about moqui stones too. Those are shamanic stones... they could help too.

Tourmaline and quartz (or a crystal that is a blend of both) is also good too.


Quartz Crystal

Quartz Crystal is my personal favorite. From time to time, I leave in the sun or moonlight to kind of clear. I look at it as a focus, kind of an amplifier to help me "tune" in to energy. I also LOVE quartz crystal clusters, have a lovely one in my window.

I know this doesn't directly have to do with crystals, but to help atmosphere, I also like doing a cleansing with sage or even spraying a bit of lavender oil about (right now, using Mrs. Meyer's clean day lavender and I add drops of lavender essential oil). I find that can help me clear my thoughts and lighten the mood.



I just went out today to buy some crystals. I picked a Golden Quartz healer, Seraphite and a flourite.

Can the crystal be any size?


Isis Channeling

How to Channel Yes and No

I had posted this on another thread but I was told (channeled) that I should post it here as well.

Location - Choose a location where you will typically do your Channeling. It can be any table or desk in a quiet space in your home. It is not necessary but feel free to add candles, crystals, devotional items or anything else you desire. You can actually Channel anytime, anyplace. The energy is in YOU. However, establishing a routine helps to set the energy in motion.
Pendulum – Prior to the first use of the Pendulum, cleanse the natural crystal. This can be done easily by holding it in your hands and allowing tap water to run over it for a few minutes. (It is best to think joyful, elevated thoughts while doing this.) Pat the crystal dry with a soft cloth and it is ready to use. A ROSE QUARTZ pendulum is common for the vibrational frequency of Love and heart energy. You can use any kinds of crystal pendulum you wish.
It is highly recommended that you take a few minutes to center yourself before beginning your Channeling. This will help you communicate more easily with the higher energies. Meditate or relax with a few deep, cleansing breaths. Address your guides, thank them for joining you and ask for guidance and protection.
Sit comfortably. Place both elbows on the table. Hold the pendulum in one or two hands by the end of the chain so that the crystal hangs directly above the black circle in the center of the board. There should be 6-8 inches of chain hanging from your hand to the crystal. The crystal should hang about a half inch to an inch above the board without touching the board. This is your Neutral Position.
YES and NO
First, establish what your signal will be for “Yes” and “No”. These will either be a vertical and horizontal swinging of the pendulum or a clockwise and counterclockwise circle. Ask to be shown what your signal is for “Yes”. Your pendulum will start to move. Observe the swinging motion. When a definite pattern is established, that is your “Yes” indicator. Stop the crystal, hold it over the middle again and ask to be shown your signal for “No”. It should swing in the opposite direction from the “Yes” signal. Do this a few times until you are certain. Most people find they initially have the vertical and horizontal lines. After a while the swing will become more elliptical and turn into a clockwise/counterclockwise indicator.
Next, practice with questions that can only be answered by “Yes” or “No”. Start each question fresh, hold the pendulum very still in the center of the board and ask your question. It might take a while to respond, just relax and let the energy flow. Practice this for several sessions until you feel comfortable with the technique and the answers are easily interpreted.
That will get you started! For more info contact me using my website button below.