How to program crystals


Wow, there was a lot of good information here! I never knew the bit about finding stones in nature. I don't think I've ever used a purely natural crystal before. It would be cool to see if it was attuned already.
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I just wanted to thank Sophie for the well written description about programming a crystal... Or what I call"charging"it. The description regarding feeling the vibrations was especially helpful because before I'd only read..."you well know"... So not helpful... For me anyway. So thanks again Sophie for the beautiful and simple and easy to execute exercise

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Looks like you've received great advice and info. I have a couple of links that were of great use to me.
Third Eye Open Spell which is more of an exercise than an actual spell, it's fast and effective
Charging Crystals love and use this method often

There is also the natural way of cleansing and charging your crystals, not really sure what level you're at. The connection should have been immediate upon seeing your crystal, bonding takes place after first cleansing... If there is anything thing else you have questions about feel free to ask.