How to start using Fey Tarot


Hi, I have been reading for 2 years, using Shapeshifter Tarot, I was still using major arcana only.

however I feel like I need to change to another deck, something different, and Fey Tarot came up.

but I dun want to start all over again and I think I need to advance a bit, the thing I do now is to use teh whole deck, 78 cards, and to think of the meanings as the cards come out.

is that a good idea?

thanks for ur help


Transition from Shapeshifter to Fey should not be difficult. I have both decks, read more with the Fey than I do with the Ss.
If you have the big book that goes with the Fey then ya' just have to read a little bit if you feel stuck. I would also compare the two decks. It will help in learning tarot over-all as well as getting more familiar with both Fey & Ss. Many folks like to journal thier decks. If you look through the Fey board, you will see we have discussed a few cards already. Feel free to jump into any of the threads. Feel free to start one of you own.
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Hi Shapeshifter, It is quite a jump, going from majors only to the full deck. Even without changing decks at the same time.
I would suggest that you read some about the minors and courts and not assume that just changing decks will teach you everything. I would almost like to suggest that you buy a Rider Waite deck to make the transition. The Fey is great, a wonderful deck, but you may want to make sure your background knowledge is solid.
Since you have been doing majors-only for two years, you'll have a lot to teach the rest of us about those!


well thanks Marion

but I dun think I am that good and have the ability to teach others anything. I think I should be the one to learn

though I have been doing major for 2 years, majors in Fey seem to be quite a challenge, especially the magician and the temperance, I see no connection with the Rider Waite at all, making it extra difficult to understand


I have read most of my decks with out ever possesing a RW deck. Some decks have simular associations but it's thier individual way of presenting thier concepts that I have learned to work with in different decks. The Fey speaks a familiar, but different language than the other decks I have come to know. They have a playful way about them that is unique. Let the Fey themselves speak to you. How about starting a thread about the Fey magician and how the RW is different to you. I'm sure there are others who read with both decks can give some of thier experiences with this tricky guy.