How/When/Why did you start reading Tarot?


I was talking with a colleague a few days ago, and she asked me how long I'd been reading tarot, and what drew me to it. It got me thinking how/when/why the folks on this forum got started in Tarot.

I didn't start reading until someone read for me about 15 years ago. Didn't even know what Tarot was until then. I was going through a particularly horrid time of my life, and a friend asked a guy in her apt building to read for me. This was the same friend who bought me the deck I still use to this day. Once I started, I was hooked!

So, who introduced you to Tarot?
How old were you when you started reading?
What drew you to the Tarot?

Questions, questions, questions....


A long , long time the last century... :p Just kidding!

I got into Tarot using the deck for spellwork, reading Janina Renee's Tarot Spells. I must have had the deck for over two years (I bartered it from the bookstore; when the book was written the deck had not been printed yet. I traded the owner a robe for the deck) before I sat down and started to look at the cards as something other than casting spells with. This was about 14 years ago. I got into tarot very slowly until I was 'instructed' by someone much more psychic than I to go through a definate, planned 3-month, in-depth study of the cards. I have been hooked ever since.


I started with tarot when I was about 13, 14 years old. My first deck was a selfmade one (cut out from a magazine and only consisting of the Major Arcana but it worked great). I got a Marseilles from Avignon when I was 17 and at around 20 I switched to the RW. At 25 I bought my still fav first collectors deck, the Legend Arthurian Tarot.

At first I only did readings for me but when I started doing readings for others I stopped reading for myself for fear I might get mixed up. I started rereading for myself at 25.

Last year, I had my public coming out from the broom closet as a solitary witch and tarot reader. I started with public readings in bookshops, esoteric shops and caf?s. I also started a tarot circle in the city where I live. At the moment, I am planning tarot classes and I am working on a book project.


I began studying tarot about five years ago. One of the members of my critique group started bringing her deck to meetings. After we finished critique work, she'd read for us. I bought myself a deck shortly thereafter and have been on the learning journey ever since.



Started when I was 14 with Robin Wood, but really, it began when I was about 7/8. I'd seen the Angel Tarot in some store and was absolutely fascinated, but I wasn't sure what my family would think. I read in secret for about 3 years; this year it's out and now my mom likes me to read for her.


the art of divination fascinated from early childhood. i think i started playing w/ numerology, edgar caycem reincarnation, playing cards, dice, the bible as a pendulum and other Bible divination, pendulum, etc. studying the occult just came as natural to me as breathing. when i was 13 i did a presentation at school on numerology. my teacher asked me if if i had a tarot deck. i didn't know so she told me. after that i had to have a deck or break hell wide open. after a long search i ordered one out of a jc penney catalogue. it's been love ever since. but i do think the strong objection from the parents of friends egged me on. i felt like i had to spite them and show them i would read tarot no matter what they said. this was my teen rebellion. along the way of rebellion i became addicted to tarot and has become part of who i am and my spirituality. there's worse addictions i think!