How would you interpret someone feelings if you draw the Empress and 2 of Cups?


I drew the 2 of cups and Empress on how someone feels for me, but this person doesn't like me at all. These two cards are confusing coming from someone that acts like they hate me. I am assuming the Two of cups and Empress pair together means that they are possible comfortable with the affairs of the relationship and the way things are.


Are you sure this person doesn't like you?
These cards tell a different story. They might behave like they don't like you but on the inside it seems they're quite fond of you.


I'll be the first to say that if I have a crush on someone, I get very cold, distant and try to act indifferent to hide my feelings :laugh: Two of Cups and Empress is a pretty divine combination for feelings. Being around you (Two of Cups) might make them feel very confident and comfortable in their own skin (Empress).


Some people are really good at hiding their feelings, and like the others I feel like this combination hardly has a negative connotation at all. Both earth and water are passive, and that seems to describe the other person's feelings towards you. It would be hard to read antagonism in these cards because they're not even reversed. Maybe he/she really feels kindly towards you, but nevertheless feels that a calm, stable, and pragmatic stance would be the best approach on dealing with you.

empress's dress

if you don't read reversals, then i would agree with you. it definitely can show comfort with the way things are.


Could the 2 of cups reflect that they reciprocate your feelings?? if you dislike them so do they and vice versa?? can be a mirror effect.
Empress is not always positive it can mean...if female that she feels better than the best...a kinda superiority complex towards you. Otherwise if male, they feel again better than you but not like the Emperor's arrogance but more like self-assured-ness that they have more life experience (position, wealth etc.) and thus have an advantage over you. So feelings would be patronizing feelings and mirroring your feelings and behaviors towards them in general.
Note: I interpreted the cards this way as you said this person doesn't like you so this is another possible interpretation of the cards. You need to evaluate if this or other matches with your experience and interaction with this person.

When we're loved especially in the best interpretation of 2 of cups and Empress then feelings would be overflowing...Empress is not the one to hide feelings but to smother or shower you with/in them.

Hope this helps :)


if you don't read reversals, then i would agree with you. it definitely can show comfort with the way things are.

I read reversals and none of them showed up as them.


If these cards look more like your feelings for this person, then they may have just "taken over" the reading, which can happen: A reader might not pull objective cards when the topic is very close to his/her heart. Clearing the mind of any related desires, expectations, etc., and focusing only on the question while shuffling helps, though.


The pairing of the Empress and 2 of cups looks good to me - suggestions below :)

I'll do a take on both aspects, (1) if he likes you or (2) not.

(1) The Empress is all things creative and lush. Paired with the 2 cups, the feelings are ones of healing, safety, trust, comfort & creativity, abundance. A fruitful relationship.

(2) Do you remind him of his mother and is he still tied to her. The card pairing suggests to me a mutual partnership.
ETA: I also get the words 'why does everything have to be mutual' - not sure what its related to, but I included it for you. Maybe its something he say or feels also.

You could maybe clarify that pair of cards by pulling them out of the deck and doing a reading using one card?


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