HUMMM need small copyright free tarot


Hi Guys

I am working on a porject and was wondering if anyone knew of a website that might have a small tarot deck that can be printed out on the computer?

Thanks for any info


Even if you suspect that a deck is "copyright free", ethics suggests checking specifically with the website and getting written permission to re-use the graphics for the specific project (along with attributing the graphics as you use them).

If your project is something that might provide positive publicity for a deck, the odds that you will get permission could be pretty good


i don't have the addy anymore(lost it when my puter crashed a few weeks ago) but there is a site that has a black and white version of the rws that can be printed out for personal use. afterall, look at all the rws clones out there that would be in violation of copyright infringement if there was a copyright on it.


yep, that's the one! plus it says it's copyright free so that should resolve any issues with using it.


Thank you everyone for the help!!!



late but

not too late I hope:

these 2 decks I made are under the GPL, that means you can use them any way you want, but they are not copyright free (the GPL copyright applies, just like for e.g. Linux)