* * *I&#39m finally gonna buy a deck but I need toknow more still


I've never used tarot cards myself before, but I've always wanted to try them out and see if I can help people with them. Is there anything I should keep in mind while picking out a deck for myself? And are different decks used for a specific type of readings?


Good for you. When you pick out a deck find one that "calls" to you or one that you really feel drawn to. Any deck is fine. They all work the same way they just have different artwork and some come with their own books. So Find one and dive in. If you have an open mind and try you will find it easy to learn.



Hi, LianMorrison!

As Tig recommends, you should find a deck "calls" to you. You have probably looked at the decks on this site already. You may have seen mention of tarot.com which seems to have less choice but you can see entire decks and enlarge individual cards by clicking on them.

There are recent threads on cards suitable for a learning pack and a lot of people seem to be in favour of Rider-Waite or the so-called "clones". It doesn't appeal to me (had it and given it away), but I can see where they're coming from in the sense that many explanatory books have been written using this deck and every card tells a story. And obviously there's a lot of RW fans out there who would be willing to point you in the right direction. In addition, you may have seen everybody raving about Thirteen's Tarot Basics posts (and I agree they're brilliant), which are also based on this - so you'd have that extra learning tool.

It may be worth bearing in mind what you respond to best - for me, it's colour but I also need some clues from the pictures, so the decks with "pips" for the Minor Arcana (ie 7 Swords/Coins etc and nothing else) don't appeal to me.

One thing I would say - when you buy your deck it's worth getting a book if it doesn't have one: those little leaflets that come with stand-alone packs are likely to contain keywords only.

I think it's wonderful that you want to help people with your readings and I'm sure with that as a genuine motive you'll soon take off with whatever cards you choose!

Good luck!


Thanks for your help! I have been looking in sites with hundreds of different decks (I didn't look at all of them) but I narrowed it down to about 3 that I'm thinking of getting. I made sure they have a book based on them, when a card "calls" to you, does it mean anything if it's a specific type? I'm gonna make up my mind soon and then get them! I really can't wait!!! Thanks-a-bunch!


Hello again!

Glad to see you'e narrowing down your search. Might be worth mentioning what they are here - it would give people a chance to air their love/hate relationships with those decks and perhaps a few pointers which could finally sway you. If you've looked at other discussions, you may have seen mention of some "general" books which are good for a grounding.

Think I forgot to mention in my last post that Tig's comment that all the decks work the same is true - it's the layouts (spreads) that make the difference - some are designed for relationship queries, some for financial/career questions etc. Most books will contain several basic layouts for you to try and you can customise them to your needs once you've mastered them.

As for particular cards "calling" you - I don't think it need worry you: you may find that different cards jump out at you at different times and your favourites may change from time to time. If it does concern you, it might be worth meditating on the card in question, or posting it and seeing what people think.


Thanks for all you help! I've been thinking about it, and kept looking at all the cards and these are the ones I've narrowed it down to:
-Tarot of a Moon Garden
-Mythic Astrology
-Flowers Speak
-Fairy Tarot
-Gobalight Angelic Tarot
They all have books I can buy with them, so it will help me a lot in learning about the cards and how they are different. I can't find much on the actual decks, I'm looking for write-up's on them, and people's opinion's on them. If anyone here has used them, I'd really appreate it if they shared their expirence.
LouiQ, how long have you been doing this for?


Quote:LianMorrison (08 Jan, 2002 06:33):
I've narrowed it down to:
-Tarot of a Moon Garden
-Mythic Astrology
-Flowers Speak
-Fairy Tarot
-Gobalight Angelic Tarot

The Tarot of the Moon Garden is cute ... it works pretty well.

Flower Speaks is an oracle deck, not a Tarot deck and if I am not mistaken so is the Gobalight Angelic Tarot but I am not for sure.

The Fairy Tarot ... which one are you talking about? Please note that there is also a Fairy oracle, so if you are looking for a Tarot deck make sure it has 78 cards (oracles usually have less, I have seen several with about 48 cards).

I have never heard of the Mythic Astrology deck, but there is a Mythic Tarot that several people in this forum really enjoy.

I also recommend that when you get your deck that you go visit the "Tarot Basics" forum here on Aeclectic and use it in conjuction with the book that comes with your new deck. May you enjoy your Tarot journey always.

Love & Light,


Hi again!
Ok, I see what you mean by that! Now I have 4 main tarot decks I'm choosing from...
-Tarot of a Moon Garden
-Jasniak Tarot
-Miracle Tarot
-Fairy Tarot
They all have 78 cards, and there are a few Fairy card decks, but the one I'm talking about is just called "Fairy Tarot."
Thanx for the advice!


the longer you wait to take the plunge the higher the expectations you'll have of the deck you choose. i've held high hopes for a deck only to find that the deck falls short of my expectations. try not to romanticize the cards too much. tarot decks are wonderful but they are only a tool in learning the wonderful art of tarot. so pick one and relax. don't expect a miracle from the deck like being able to do a reading the day you buy it. give yourself and the deck time to bond. the better the bond and time you take to just plain have fun with the cards is the best way. don't look at it as having the fear intensity of learning how to drive a car. again the cards are a tool. have fun w/ them, treasure them, bond w/ them, make them your companion. if the going is hard at first, don't blame the deck. it's prob b/c you're just learning slower than you want.

out of the ones you listed, i think the tarot of a moon garden would be the least intimidating and easiest to learn by. the images are delightful and easy to learn. the mythic tarot is a good beginner tarot, too if the rider waite smith does nothing for you. if you're talking about the same miracle tarot that's based on japanese anime, i would suggest you choose another deck. this is a gorgeous deck but the minors have no pictures--just numbers. the fairy tarot is okay--not for me--but prob okay to learn by. i've never heard of the jasniak deck so now i have to check it out!

most books are based on the rws so whatever you choose you want to make it a deck that you can use reference sources to make sense out of any stuck places that you get into. getting into those stuck places can lead many a beginner to give up. just ask for help here. we love to help!

now take the plunge and buy that deck! :D don't let a fear of failure or choosing the wrong deck stop you. you have to start somewhere! tarot is a journey--not a destination. prepare to fall in love w/ the world of tarot not just a deck. let tarot make you a life long student!!!!!!!!! it's wonderful!!


Here's my 2 cents....the fairy tarot is very cute! I really like it too, but IMO would be hard to learn on and then move to other decks. The suits in the minors are completely changed from "regular" decks. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is acorns and I have no idea which "regular" suit that applies to.
Although it's not like your first deck is the deck you'll have to use for the rest of your life. So I say buy the one you want - experiment with it - if it doesn't work try another one. Maybe you'll end up collecting deck just like the rest of us. LOL