I&#39m looking for some society about tarot in internet


Hi,i am Bazphomet,i am looking for some society about tarot in internet,and i hope that it won't pay a lot. ...^ ^...
Could you tell me some good society and website i can join them.(in English...^ ^|||)
Thank you so much!!!!


i think your english is fine. there may be some other tarot society out there but here is the only one i can think of right now:
i think they have a free newsletter. i don't know if there is any charges to join unless you want to take a class from them via the net. if i find anything else, i'll let you you know.


There is the American Tarot Association (ata.com, I think) and the International Tarot Society ( tarotsociety.org)

These are not 'clubs'- they are organizations where you do work and take exams and get 'recognition' for your ability. Some of what they do is great; some is really stuipid. Contact them and see what they have to offer and don't be naive...studying and taking these tests involves time and $$$.