I&#39m so ticked . . .


'Lo all,

You all talk about Miss Cleo, and I've never seen her. I guess you all have cable TV or something, and I've never bothered.

But right now, even as I type, there is a guy on TV called John Dipshit, a psychic who communicates with the dead.

"I feel there is someone in the audience who has a secret tattoo," he says (Wow!) and someone says, "Well yes, I have a tatoo." "Ah yes," says JD, "and you know someone who has died.'

"Gasp!" Surprise. "I really do!"

This stuff goes on and on. I mean, I'm listening right now.

Like I said, I've never seen miss Cleo that you all talk about.

But -- Good grief! Take your favorite tatot cards and nail 'em to a stump out in the pasture. Use 'em for target practice.

Wait! Wait, I feel that someone is missing something. Something is missing . . . Let me know . . . If anyone in the reading audience is missing something, send me a bunch'a bucks and I'll send you my thoughts.

Does anyone in the audience have something missing? Talisman knows all . . .
Let me know.



I've had emails from Miss Cleo, I hadn't hear about her before. The first email i received from her used my name, still not sure how her site got my email address, and said she could see i had a few problems and she could help - I went along to her site just out of curiosity, not something I usually do and realised at once it was a scam. All i had to do was phone in and one of her gifted tarot readers would sort out my life - just one problem I come from the UK so it was going to be one hefty phone call lol I didn't bother :)


Hi there,

I agree with you 100% It is people like these who make our, honest talents sound so "fake". Just the other day, I was talking to someone about the tarot (a potential client), and they sarcastically (sp?) replied, "Oh, and I bet you work with Miss Cleo, too." I strongly believe that if these TV psychics weren't such a crock, that I could have had that client and shown him great insight into his life.

Just my two cents.



It's the media and people (or companies?) like "Miss Cleo" that scare me. I'm afraid of what they'll think of next.


I can relate.
People at work often tease me and call me "Miss Cleo" I just say, "No, she tells you what to do, I simply offer guidance and a new angle to think about things from."
I agree, people like her give us all a bad name. If not that, then her commercials give us impossible shoes to fill. People are just amazed by her ability to see EXACTLY what is going on over the phone. It amazes me that there are people out there who think that by flipping a card she can actually see a dark haired man with a mustache and a scar on his d*#@ who is the daddy of some womans baby. PUH-LEEZE!
Personally, before reading for any new Querent, I make it a point to tell them that I cannot predict the future because of free will, I cannot tell them what to do, and I cannot give them all the answers. All I can do is give them a new perspective on an old situation.


My boyf recently received an email from this Miss Cleo woman, who I've never seen until that email... She used his surname instead of his first name for starters, than went into some male-cow poo about how she had a dream about him and that she has never had such a vived dream about somebody before, so she just, out of the kindness of her own heart, had to email him and offer him 'help'...

What a crock of poo! (Please replace any not so offensive language with very offensive language in your mind, cuz that's what I'd really like to say!)



Ms Cleo makes me laugh! And John Edwards? Puh-leeze!

I agree that these frauds harm the image of those with true gifts of intuition. Think maybe we could start a class-action lawsuit against Ms. Cleo? She's already got one fraud lawsuite pending against her. Maybe we could join the bandwagon! She's made enough to take care of us all! Maybe we should call her to find out if our lawsuit would be successful....hmmmmm?


I only saw John Edwards on TV once- and was very disturbed by the generalities he dealt in yet people were convinced he was talking directly to them. 'I see an older woman with white hair... a small child with a bandage on his knee' - you know the type of crap I mean.

What made it more amazing that just before the show the network aired a 'piece' where a 'debunker' showed one of the news staff exactly how to fake it,...and the audience, who didn't know this man from Adam BELIEVED that the faux psychic host was telling them crap just like John Edwards does! Like I always said if 'Lazarus' isn't real, Jach who has been channelling him for 20+ years deserves an Oscar award.

Beware the well-paid person on TV who has 'all the answers'.


Quote:Yarnie (01 Sep, 2001 21:32):
Think maybe we could start a class-action lawsuit against Ms. Cleo? She's already got one fraud lawsuite pending against her. Maybe we could join the bandwagon! She's made enough to take care of us all! Maybe we should call her to find out if our lawsuit would be successful....hmmmmm?

:D I love it! I love it! :D

I do declare that all of these media scam folks irritate the living tar out of me. There are the Miss Cleos, the televangelists, the lawyers...and on and on and on. Of course, there are probably some legitimate ones out there as well, but the dishonest ones give *everyone* a bad name. :'( So unfortunate.



Ok...so answer me this? If the Miss Cleos and John Edwards of the world give folks like us a bad name, and we get made fun of, and people don't believe in what we do, then why are the Miss Cleos and John Edwards so gosh darn popular and hugely successful?? What's with this crazy contradiction?

By the way, I'm proud to announce that I live in Florida, the very same state where Miss Cleo does her thing from...LOL. Anyway, the company she works for did get hit with a big lawsuit, but not for fraud. It's actually for breaking some law that says such companies are not allowed to call people's homes if they have said they don't want to be bothered.