I&#39m so ticked . . .


"...some male-cow poo about how she had a dream about him and that she has never had such a vived dream about somebody before, so she just, out of the kindness of her own heart, had to email him and offer him 'help'..."
That is VERY interesting, because I got the exact same e-mail. If she's never seen me, and we've never met, then how on earth does she know I was in the dream? By my screen name????
And I dread the idea of someone asking me to tell them something like she does, you know... ."You have a box, under a table, wrapped in a ribbon. The documents you are looking for are in that box." Like how the HELLo am I supposed to know that? I don't even know where MY stuff is! I spent two hours this morning looking for a missing detachable pant leg, if I couldn't find that, how am I supposed to know where anything else is??? But really, I'd like to know her secret, lol. I'm still missing my pantleg.

BTW, I've been camping, so I've been away for a while, if anyone missed me. :p


I have decided that my role here in the forums is to provide the dissenting opinion, so here I go again.

I think Miss Cleo is the best thing to hit Tarot in decades. Sure, she's probably a fraud. Sure, she's probably only interested in milking people out of a lot of money.

But guess, what... that's just getting back to Tarot's ancient roots.

Throughout history, Tarot has been associated with gypsies, tramps and thieves (apologies to Cher) and it has certainly been used for financial gain.

Miss Cleo has just turned it into what today's masses want: a razzle-dazzle sideshow where people can feel better about themselves for just a little while, even if they have to pay for it. If she has the talent to keep the masses flocking to their telephones to talk to her, then she deserves her paycheck.

I don't mind making a buck off it, that's for sure. It's a talent and a skill equal to that of any professional in any field anywhere.

And face it, for those of us who do this for pay, Miss Cleo has been damned good for business. She has single-handedly brought about a Tarot Renaissance. We're on people's IN lists these days thanks to Miss Cleo.

I don't understand this thing that so many people in here have about Tarot being some sort of sacred rite or something. It started out as a game. It has been practiced throughout time as a game, and not always an honest one. And it's still a game. I don't know about you guys, but I have a lot of fun when I'm doing a reading for someone.

I don't mind the Miss Cleo jokes, even when they're at my expense. When people ask me if I know Miss Cleo, I just wink at them and tell them that I taught her everything she knows.


Quote:RiotFemme (02 Sep, 2001 12:08):
Ok...so answer me this? If the Miss Cleos and John Edwards of the world give folks like us a bad name, and we get made fun of, and people don't believe in what we do, then why are the Miss Cleos and John Edwards so gosh darn popular and hugely successful?? What's with this crazy contradiction?

Beats me! I definitely do *not* think like the majority of people out there. I don't read what they read, watch the TV and movies they watch, listen to the music they listen to. I don't admire or dislike the same people they do. I simply don't understand the tastes of most people. So I certainly don't understand why they are drawn to certain people only to turn around and say negative things about them and then turn back around and spend/donate more money. Never figured it out. I didn't mention John Edwards before because I don't know who he is. I've only seen one or two commercials for Miss Cleo, but my immediate and strong impression was that it's not where I'd be putting my money. I got one of those emails from her, too. Good grief!!! She expects me to actually believe that *she's* sooooooo concerned for *me* and that she dreamed about me???? Buncha bunk. :D Her being personally concerned for me is just about as true as me being the Easter Bunny.

I guess people criticize Miss Cleo and turn around and partake of her services for the same reason they say that some of those talk shows are "trash TV" yet they watch them faithfully every day.

And it's not just Miss Cleo...I mentioned TV evangelists and the lawyers that beg you to come to them so they can win you big money in a lawsuit. Like I said before, some may be legit, but I believe that most are not.

It's not all Miss Cleo's fault, or the evangelists' fault, or the lawyers' fault. There are those people who are willing to spend their time and money there. Well, whatever floats their boat. ;)



Ok, as much as I hate to admit this...I'm going to do it anyway. I'll tell all of you a little story. A long long time ago (ok, about february or march) an 18 year old girl was up late at night watching infomercials. The girl was filled with anxiety, and an unsettling feeling of not being content with...well anything. She was a lone kitten walking the big bumpy gravel road at night with no stars or moon in sight to guide her. BUt all of a sudden a plump ethnic woman arrived on tv....she was jovial, straightforward, and a neat accent to boot! This woman spoke of Tarot! (isn't that those witchcraft cards?...the little girl thought.) The little girl finished watching the infomercial and immediately headed for the internet...to get all the information she could about tarot....what it is, what it does, what it stands for. And after getting several readings from the internet the girl purchased her own deck...and began to study as much as she could about the cards...everyday she practiced, so that one day she could help other people...and even help herself in the process.

Ok, so if you haven't figured out already, that story is about me. Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, I was interested in tarot by watching an infomercial. But, it has turned out to be such a great experience for me and my life. I know tarot isn't responsible for turning around my life...I am, but I didn't know where to even begin to make things better...and I didn't even know that I had control over my life...I thought fate was just going to hand you what you deserved.

So you can criticize Miss Cleo all you want. Yes, she does give a false picture of what tarot is about and what it can do. But she turned me on to the cards...someone finally convinced me that God wasn't going to strike me with a big bolt of lightning if I looked at them. So, believe it or not, I guess she is my mentor.

Oh, and I love John Edwards. Give him a chance!


Quote:destinyawaitsme (03 Sep, 2001 01:17):

So you can criticize Miss Cleo all you want. Yes, she does give a false picture of what tarot is about and what it can do. But she turned me on to the cards...someone finally convinced me that God wasn't going to strike me with a big bolt of lightning if I looked at them. So, believe it or not, I guess she is my mentor.

Oh, and I love John Edwards. Give him a chance!

i love it - there is balance in everything. nothing intrinsically is good or bad - components of each permeate every event. it is up to us to decide how we react to these events. destiny choose to educate herself as a result of the very same event from which others chose to rant. the young can just as easily teach the old.

destiny, you are a breath of fresh air. thank you!

luv and light,


i don't think john edwards is a complete fraud for several reasons. one is the way he seems to look inward instead of directly at the audience. if he looked directly at the audience i would think he was a mentalist and figuring out what meant to who by reading body language. he even tells ppl to be quiet and not give him info so he can prove he is really in contact w/ someone. some of the material that he dredges up seem so directly personal that i have a hard time believing that what he came up w/ was faked in any way. he also shows tapes of readings that he gave that didn't go well. the way he gives his impressions of what he sees also reminds me of how i read tarot cards at times. imagery and words will just come to my mind that make no logical sense to me and i try to communicate clearly to the other person what that imagery means. he does seem to want to help ppl. i haven't seen a tremendous amount of evidence yet that he's just out to use his gift for money. i don't have a prob w/ a person using talents to support themselves. it's just when i see that the person is using that success in vain and greedy ways.

i do have a prob w/ sylvia browne. in the beginning i liked her but i have talked to ppl via the net who've met her in person and felt disillusioned. i've been to her website and been astonished by the amount of money requested for services. sylvia herself charges $600 an hour for a reading. even miss cleo isn't that bad. the way she is pouring books out can't be humanly possible considering her public appearances, travel, readings, family time, personal time and time for writing. someone suggested to me--you know who you are ;) -- that she has help writing her books. it makes sense to me! sylvia is 60+ y/o recently had a facelift and is constantly changing her hair color. i didn't recognize her face at first on her latest book. i don't mind ppl looking their best but to me she seems a bit too arrogant and vain for a truly spiritual person. john edwards has moments that he stumbles on the screen but sylvia's tv performances always seem a bit too perfect. that makes me suspicious of her. i also have found inconsistencies in what she says and what's in the books.

the main prob i have w/ psychic hotlines is that they seem to take advantage of ppl who are the most desparate emotionally and lacking financially. it wouldn't bother me as much if the hotlines made less money. right now they make more per hour than most mental health therapists and psychiatrists who are better trained and able to help desparate ppl. i also think phone psychics should receive training in crisis intervention, when to determine someone is suicidal, and when they are in over their heads w/ someone who needs more help than a phone psychic can give.

anyhow just my 2 1/2 cents worth!!!!!!! no offense to anyone!


I wasn't planning on responding to this, as I am normally more comfortable when I go with the flow...I'm with Destiny on this one though..

Out of fairness, the reason I am a fan of John Edward is that I have read his books, (his first one particuarly, and his third which I am still reading-also very good-and surprisingly, some good stories about his ethics), Listened to his tapes--which were also quite helpful. Sure, the stuff on tv is ok to watch, but I don't feel it is always representative of the whole picture.

Yes, sometimes he is vague, and sometimes he is wrong. Sometimes he even just may have a bad session. However, in reading his books, it explained so many of the things that I was beginning to experience at that time. I "see" things too...not as clearly as John does but I do understand how easily it is to not grab that flash of an image fast enough to interpet it correctly.

I've also heard things--again--not near as clearly as John appears to hear them. Often I get songs, or fast snips of something. So I don't doubt for a minute that it happens and that there are others out there that have the ability to "tune in" as well. When you get down to it, we are all just human and we can all miss things and misinterpet things.

That said..I don't feel that you can get a clear picture of John until you have at least read his books-even if you borrow from the library instead of buying them.

As far as his tapes go, he is the reason that I started tarot. His tapes are the whole reason when I felt the squeeze for money, I turned down the offer from a tarot line that insisted I didn't need any skills, they could teach me everything and be ready to go in 1-2 days. BTW, that particualar line also encouraged me to shuffle regular cards so that the caller really believed he was getting a reading. --I politely declined that job- hearing the words from that tape.."be ethical and be honest". (BTW at the time I looked at this job, I had never even touched a tarot deck-but it did make me realize I wanted to learn).

This post reminded me of something that happened a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine was visiting, and as often happens, I "saw" someone standing behind her. I gave her the description as quickly as I could, but as I heard myself describe it, I realized how vague it sounded. I wished that I could have given her a better description, but I gave her exactly what I saw. (To make things worse, I don't see in color, only black and white).

We are certainly all entitled to our opinions, and that's fine. I really hope that your whole decision isn't based on one or two shows. He has more to offer than is coming across on tv.

BTW I defintely agree he is getting paid A LOT of money...I don't know what it takes to support what he does, but I know I can't afford a reading. I don't know many that can. Too bad, personally, I feel he could help many more people if his rates were lower (much lower) He does have a 2 1/2 year waiting list though, so what do I know...

I am pretty much undecided on the miss cleo thing. There could be something there, maybe guides, or spirits helping her, but I just don't know enough to make a judgement.

Sorry for the loooooong post, this one touched a tender spot.

Love and Light,





gemini lady, please reread my post. i know my posts aren't always clear but i really like john edwards very much. i haven't read any of his books but i consider him the tv psychic w/ the most integrity that i've seen. i consider his admissions that he isn't perfect part of his personal integrity and charm. personally, i don't trust any psychic who tries to come across as infallible. he is very human and i like that. i often watch his shows.

for those of you who don't know who john edwards is, i have cable and watch him on the scifi channel. when i have money that isn't delegated to buying tarot cards i'll take your advice gem and buy one of his books. if he is as genuine in his books as he is on tv then i'm certain that i'll like his books very much. got a particular title you can recommend?

another person i really like is gary zukav. he doesn't pretend to be psychic but he's very intuitive and has lots of integrity.

i'm undecided on james van pragh. i do know i definitely don't like the psychic who calls herself char. when i've seen her on tv, she seems to have a verbally abusive way about her to ppl asking questions. she'll go thru the alphabet asking if the person knows someone who has a name beginning w/ a certain letter. i've never seen anyone yet who could figure out what she was getting at. i guess if your reputation and lots of money are on the line you might feel that gives you a license to be verbally abusive. i have no respect for her or her techniques.


Agreeing with Mojo! To a point. I still think Miss Cleo is full of it, but she's also making big bank. She has brought alot of interest into tarot again as well. I told a friend of mine that I read and he said "Ok, I'll ask a question as long as you don't charge as much as Miss Cleo!" and my response was "No, It'll only cost you your regular long distance rates. Try 10-10-220 or something. ;) "

I like watching John Edwards too. He's kinda creepy though, even through the TV.

Rhiannon :)