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I'm sorry if I came across as directing my message to you or anyone particular on the board. What I was going for is just a general "this is what I think". I respect everyone's opinion here, and I think that everyone is entitled to their own thoughts. Sometimes the atmosphere doesn't come across clearly here on the net though, so if that is the case, I certainly apologize.--it may have been where I hit the reply button at that made it look like I was directing it your way...? never really thought about that when I posted...

Actually, I was wondering if the sylvia brown topic would come up, and like you, truth, I really liked her at first. I have noticed though, that in the last couple of years, I see a lot of repeating in her books. hmmm....and a lot of new books....

I haven't seen Char, and from what you said, I probably wouldn't care for her. --One of the reasons I like John is his "humanity". I like that he is not afraid to admit that he can be wrong.

Anyone who is interested in reading his first book (library or bookstore, no difference) it's called "One Last Time". For personal reasons,(you all know by now, some odd things happen to me) it really touched me.

Truthsayer, I really hope no hard feelings, I respect your opinion, and I respect everyone's opinion here. That's how we grow. *S*

Love and Light,


i was never upset, gem. i just wanted to make sure the lines of communication were clear on all sides of the issue at hand. simple misunderstandings can start the stupidest flame wars.

my mother is a huge sylvia brown fan. she reads everything the woman writes and marks places in the books that i just "HAVE TO READ"!!!! out of respect i do but i haven't seen anything to date that made me think sylvia has extraordinary gifts. i think mom thinks sylvia is the new messiah :D !!! what worries me is that i'm afraid sylvia thinks she is, too! :-o i have trouble accepting the Bible and nobody wrote the Bible as quickly as she's writing these books. there were prob centuries b/t different books of the Bible so ppl had time to learn and grow. unless you count the experience of different lifetimes, SB has done all hers in the past 10 years or so. SB fans, please forgive my sarcasm (and don't tell mom!) ;D my sarcasm is for entertainment purposes only like my multiple references to the so called "elvis" archetype. now how many of you actually thought i was serious about that? i can "see" many hands raising thru my computer screen... :p :D :eek:


I have a friend who went to John Edwards show. At the beginning of it, they make you sit in a room with the audience for fifty minutes. During this time, they tape record things that you are saying, and everyone is asked to remain as quiet as they can while they "channel." Then, John comes out, and basically repeats what his lackeys (He has a staff around, just listening) hear and what he can cold read deduce. Even then, he doesn't hit very much. The real magic is when you say "Yes.. " Just once. Then his production staff edits your "Yes" answer onto a few things, removes all the bad hits (My friend said he got about 20% , maybe less..) and puts it into a 30 minute show. Here's a hint.. they film 4 hours worth of video for that 30 minute show. :)



wow, I've never attended any of John's shows, but that is sure enough to make you think...honestly, if I had that experience I'd sure walk away disillusioned.

I guess I want so much to believe that he is the real thing because he opened things up for me.
Plus, the fact that he got his start doing readings with "the cards" ...

John, if you are out there, say it isn't so!!! LOL...ok...ok...if this guy is ever proved to be a fraud feel free to thump me on the head...:) I'll take it like a trooper, but it'll be a sad day for me.

Love and Light,
Gem...or should I just rename myself Queen of cups...hahaha


Greetings everyone,

I suppose the issue of charlatan vs sharman is a complex point in today's society.

I have always read palms. I tell people that I do this by deciphering the lines on their hands because that is what they want to believe. In actual fact a do it by the simple touch of their hand in mine. If I told them this they are less likely to believe what I see and tell them. I suppose in some ways this makes me a fake. I'm not really doing what I tell them I am even though my readings are always accurate.

I then went on to read the cards. Similarly I read on intuition. If people are to believe (and most do) that the cards are the actual medium which provides the guidance to the querent not the reader then maybe that makes me a fake too.

I have to admit that I have been amused and bemused by those people who have tried to diligently digest and recall every passage in the accompanying books that come with the cards as they believe that is the only way to truly read them (ie: the tradition meaning of the 7of Swords means this becuase that is what the author tell me it means).

Who is right? The card reader who remembers all of the meanings in accordance to the book or the intuitive reader? Who is wrong?

I have never heard of these two people that you all are up in in arms about, but I suppose they do have a right to interpret what they do in the fashion in which they do. Sure they may not be "real" they may even be "fakes". Live and let live. Rise above it and show the world that what YOU do IS real.

These people exist in all walks of life; solicitors, judges, doctors, artists, astrologers etc. But their profession is respected and revered. Gain strength from this Miss Cleo and Edwards fellow you can learn from what they are doing and channel your energies into your skill.

Blessed be and may the guiding light of the Divine light your pathway through life.



(a la John's patois....)

"I'm getting a sentence. It's a short sentence. It's a very old sentence that has become a cliche."

(gasps come from audience)

"Ok. Ok. Now I'm getting it clearer. Here it is. The sentence is..."

(presses fingers to forehead)

"'Buyer Beware.' Does that mean anything to anyone? No. Ok. Ok. Here comes another one. This one is coming in faster. It's a longer sentence. Here it is..."

(audience holds its breath in anticipation)

"'Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.' Does that mean anything to anyone?"

(fade to black)




Very good!



yarnie, that was terrific and very funny! :D i really don't think anyone is angry or up in arms about this topic. it just happens to be a very interesting subject that's getting lots of feedback.

i've had a dangerous thought about why "psychics" are so popular...seeing a psychic isn't as taboo as it is to see a member of the mental health system.your car being seen at the local shrink's office is a great way to ruin a career or reputation. you suddenly become "CRAZY" to everyone you know. ppl start pulling their kids in off the street or sick the dog on you when you walk by their house. ppl laughed off nancy reagan consulting an astrologer. ppl would have been shocked if she had seen a psychotherapist. "the first lady's in therapy! OH MY GOD! what is going to happen to the country! the country's going to hell in a china cabinet!!!" however, i have a solution for all of this. ;D :p

have legit psychiatrists and psychotherapist start their own psychic hotlines and charge like the other ones do. :cool: that way ppl get the counseling they really need and aren't bashed by the mental health treatment taboo. they can pay via their phone bill and insurance never has to be involved. ppl also don't have to know they are getting real help either. PSYCHotherapists might make what their education is worth--$200 to $300 an hour prob on psychic hotlines against the $100+ they make now(at least around here). the really heavy ammo psychics--the PSYCHiatrist would have to make $500 or $600 and could include prescriptions meds(herbal treatments), too. 8) if a person needs psychiatric hospitalization it might be kind of hard to explain how a psychic hotline got you there! (truth is rofl at these thoughts.)****it's okay if you don't understand her wacky sense of humor. she's used to it! you'd prob have to have worked in human services to totally get the absurdity of it all. ;)**** :D :D :p ;D :eek: :-o :D


truthsayer!!! That's toooo funny. :D Quite creative, too. :)

Although you have a great selling point in being able to bypass insurance.
:D :eek: :p :D



Nevermind.. I found it :) Ignore post. Double post cause I couldn't find page two :)