I am a fine artist...


... & I have a number of Tarot-related projects that I am pursuing. I have one particular idea that is going to take years, no matter which way I do it: a 3-DIMENSIONAL TAROT. It would be holographic. It would only be the Majors, of course - at least at first. I know that this would be rather prohibitively expensive, but the technology is getting cheaper (fortunately!), & I just can't resist the idea! I am creating art dolls of all the 21 cards, but have jsut started & realize that this will take a very long time! I ahd a beautiful deck started with real people, however with real people, you need to acquire permission... This is a huge stumbling block to some beautiful computer photo-montage cards! Someday, I hope to pose them. Meanwhile, I would like to use the dolls, once completed. When I say "dolls", BTW, this is not the dolls one plays with or even similar that I mean, of course. They are really mixed-media sculptures. If anyone would like an idea of the look I am pursuing or emulating, please refer to the work of Natalia Pobedina (who is Rusion) & Penny Mason, both of whom can be found on the web. Natalia in particular is my doll-art heroine! I could see *her* doing this project, but I am going to beat her to it! :)

Another idea I have involves eclectic rubber art stamping (I am very much a mixed media person!), which I have already started. Has anyone got any suggestions as to submissions on the forum?

Thanks!! ;)

Major Tom

danubhe said:
... Has anyone got any suggestions as to submissions on the forum?

Welcome to the community. :)

Sounds like you'd got some great ideas on the go.

You can post photos as attachments here on the board or you can post a link to a website with photos of your work that you'd like to share. Is that what you mean by submissions?


I have a feeling that all the deck artists on this forum will be interested in your results as you proceed. I hope you'll clue us in to web addresses that will let us check out the cards as you work on them. Hologram images are a nifty idea, and so are the tarot art-dolls: combining them ought to result in something remarkable.

Indigo Rose


I have a great suggestion, incorporate an interracial theme into your deck.


Thanks for the links to the Russian artist dolls. I found those really interesting. I'll be honest and say that I liked some more than others, but I do think they are very skillful and unusual - great to see.

Keep us posted on your deck. It sounds like a big undertaking but also exciting. Best wishes with it.


Hey, thanks, guys!

Very interested in people's comments! I have a couple of replies:

The 1st deck I am doin is going to be based strictly on the ancient Italian one, but who knows what cross-cultural bizzarity the art-stamp deck may yield - whatta cache of any image you can think of! Ye Olde Worlde with An Exotic Travel Theme might suit it as a description. (That's for "Indigo Rose" - I have another ID I use elsewhere: "Roisin Dubh", literally, "Black Rose" in Gaelic!)

Also, when I said "submissions", I really meant to *publishers*, just to clear up any misunderstandings...

Thanks again!! ;)


One more thing:

...How do people feel about the idea of a SQUARE CARD format?? (I like to push boundaries & "think outside the box"!)


Well, there's a triangular deck and several round decks, no reason square wouldn't work, so long as they can still be shuffled.

Aura Wolf

You have some great ideas Danubhe. I've been tinkering with the idea of creating my own deck someday, if I find the time. I just hope I can become as imaginative as you are when the time comes :)


There is at least one square deck I have seen.