I am creating a new deck...


Look for my original post under Tarot/Tarot decks for more images and my original question.

Basically, I am creating what I think is one of the best looking tarot decks I could produce not only creatively and artistically but with available technology. Hehe what an intro, huh? My arm is in a sling from patting my own back....hehe. Seriously, this is my problem... printing.

My intention isnt to make money, or get published, as some other peoples artwork is involved (although photoshopped)... this project was (and is) intended as a gift to my beter half (girlfriend).What I would like to see, eventually, is my book/deck printed in proffesional format to use and enjoy. I have no quams about sharing the artwork, as when finished I will post a website where one could download the whole deck in .psd or image format or something. Ive done a little research, and it seems I will have to print it myself at home. Any good tips about materials would be appreciated. The cards are oversized as the detail is exquisite (great adj., huh?) and I couldnt see printing more than 100. Well, thanks for any input, and heres some samples.


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heres the empress...


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...and the 2 of pentacles


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...heres the ace of wands....

theres a few more at the original post, actually it was my first post here and I was redirected to this area.

Ive had alot of positive responses from here, as well as friends, and I really should make at least 100 decks. Also, as I stated in the other post, I HATE those little tiny books that come with decks, so Im making a magazine sized book to accompany. Anyway, thanks for any help or interest.


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Welcome to Aeclectic GoserGosarian and thanks for making your way down to the Tarot Deck Creation Forum!

Wow - I like what you have done so far and I think your intensions are brilliant! Your giving nature fits in perfectly with the atmosphere here at Aeclectic! :D

I havn't got a lot of advice for you about printing out your deck although I will be very interested to read others advice because I am in the same boat as you - I have a deck I am creating that I plan on producing one day... so - Here's to fruitful advice! :p

I also like your idea of making the LWB (Little White Book) into a magazine style glossy. It suits the style of your deck - I wish more publishers would consider those sort of things when releasing decks!

Good luck with your project - looking good! :D

b.t.w. - Perhaps you could 'hide' the names of the original artists in each card that shows their work? I am not up on all the copyright laws but perhaps if you gave the artists credit on every card it could look a little more positively in your favour for not getting sued... :p


Thanks for the response, Kayne. Actually, since this is all computer generated, I have a folder that contains text files for each card.... some just with ideas but containing the name of the painting/picture and artist if applicable. Many cards are merely all photoshop plugins... like the ace of wands.


I really love all the cards that u have made. And i am dieing to own this deck if possible, but i don't think that is possible, oh well. i wish u luck on the deck, and i must comment on how beautiful i think it is!!!

Kyrie Blue

Wow, so far you have a fantastic looking deck there!...Keep up the good work, you should be proud of your efforts!!


Hi GoserGosarian!

I love your deck, especially the 2 of swords--very nice!


Sea Sprite

Wow! I like what you have done so far

Very Impressive! Keep up the good work.