I am going to post waht is done of my own deck!


I have famous faces very well blended in, but my boyfriend says that as long as it's in the public domain... I am seeking a publisher. They are computer art done with photos in a heavy montage style. The other thing about this deck: Ultimately, I want it to be: THE HOLOGRAPHIC TAROT! Anyone want to see this one? I sure hope so! :>


Some famous faces (presidents) are public domain, whereas others (John Wayne) are still owned by the 'estates' or the actors themselves, and are off limits. It's very hard to tell which are public domain but I think if the person was a politician it's ok. A dead person from before 1900 is ok (something about copyright lengths, but it's probably shorter than 100 years). Current actors who make their living from their faces aren't up for grabs.

I only know part of this because someone on a doll list wanted to do a John Wayne doll but found out the rights to the face were still held by the estate (the relatives of John Wayne who still had his image licensed to them) & she had to contact them to get an ok. Someone else had the same problem with a Charlie Chaplin life sized doll she was working on for a museum.

As to where to check this online, I'm not sure what you'd look under. Anyone have any suggestions?

But please, let us know where we can go take a look at your art, I think we're all curious.


I'd love to see it. Post a link so we can see one.