I am intrigued


Hello everyone,

I have been following the thread that jmd started about how we need to have the Mersailles deck in our collection. I don't consider myself a collecter (I am still in denial), but I love to learn. I have read jmd's first post to that thread about 5 times now. Each time becoming more and more interested in purchasing one of these Mersailles decks and going back to where it all began.

What is convincing me strongly to do this is jmd's comments about how the simplistice symbolism and the unillustrated PIPs free your intuition. I have found this to be very true and I am looking forward to getting my Renaissance Tarot by BW and I am also sure that I will be purchasing a Mersailles deck soon.

What I have noticed while checking out the different versions at this site and others, is that they are not all the same. I haven't been able to see all of the cards just the samples, but I have noticed differences. The most unique I found at Wicca's site called the Tarot Arista. I also noticed differences in the Tower, the knight of wands and Ace of Swords in some of the versions.

I personally find myself leaning towards the Fourniers version of the Mersailles or perhaps the Camoin and look forward to going through them one by one.

Thanks for the brain tickle jmd.

I was


I have the fourniers Marseille, and I just love it! The colouts are amazing, and I really look forward to reading with it. I still have to get another Marseille deck. I have the Grimaud, but it isn't very accurate to other models of the deck. I have been told b JMD that I should get a copy of the Conver Marseille, which is published by three different companies: Heron, Camoin(which is the one you are talking about) and Lo Scarabeo. I have ordered the Heron version from Tarot Garden, and really look foreward to getting it.


Hi Phoenix,

Glad you responded, because I have decided to get the Camoin. I really like the colors of the Fourniers, but I found the Camoin more clear. I have been trying to purchase it through the website (always trying to support my favorite sites) but none of the links worked. I will go try Tarot Garden now. I sure hope they have it available. I am getting the feeling that this particular version is not easy to come by. I did not see it available on Amazon. Tarot Garden's service is much quicker than Amazon anyway.

Talk to you soon!



I don't see the Camoin version at Tarot Garden either :(

Is it no longer in print? Does anyone know where I can order it from?


I am sure I can get hold of some copies of the Camoin here in Switzerland.

But the postage from Switzerland to the States is pretty high. Let me know asap if you're interested.

I hope we can all soon start studying these unillustrated pips together. They can be fascinating. I would LOVE to hear your views on how to read with them! A new perspective, a new viewpoint - sounds exciting to me.


Hi Diana,

I am actually at the Maison Camoin web site now. I found the link in jmd's review. I am wondering though if I might have some shipping problems to to the state of the world.

If you did find a copy in Switzerland, How would I be able to pay you for it? A check?

I'll let you know.



Uggggh, I am getting so frustrated. I was on the Maison Camoin website actually waiting for my payment information to go through and I got kicked out of AOL. I have no idea if my order actually went through or whether I need to put the order in again. I will have to go and see if I can email them for a confirmation.

Maybe God is trying to tell me something ;)



If you don't get confirmation, PM me and let me know and I will contact Irene (who deals with these things at Camoin) and ask her if she received your payment okay. I suppose you paid by credit card?

I could just give her a quick phone-call. She's a very nice lady.


Trying to Buy Camoin, Too

I, too, have had problems trying to purchase the Camoin deck off their website -- links have never worked properly, and when I was able to get into the bookstore, there were screen freezes. I e-mailed the company and asked them how to order the deck, and didn't hear from them (this was about three months ago). In any case, the website doesn't explicitly state that the site is secure -- it probably is, but one never knows.

As far as I know, the Camoin deck is only available through the company's website -- even Alida doesn't sell it. Have been wanting the Camoin deck for a long time. If folks at Aeclectic ever do things like group purchases in quantity, I'd be interested. Hope your deck order went through without a problem, Mimers!


Tarot Garden has them both in stock(Jeanette told me so), and if you mention aeclectic in your order, some proceeds goes to the site.