I Blame Myself Spread

Astraea Aurora

Hey everyone!

I created this spread out of a real life situation over the weekend. I took it on a test run and it has helped me quite a bit. I'm not sure if this is the be-all-end-all version. I'm open to suggestions and tweaks. :)

I Blame Myself Spread (by Astraea Aurora)


1. My blame, my shame, my fault.
2. The situation which sparked my feelings of guilt.
3. My intellectual response.
4. My emotional response.
5. The reason why I blame myself. (My subjective p-o-v.)
6. The reason why I blame myself. (Tarot’s / An objective p-o-v.)
7. The way out. How to best deal with the guilt. A course of action.

While using this in a reading I had the feeling that 3 and 4 are kind of first-reaction type-y. If you want, add a now-reaction position to each. (FYI, the reason I seprated them was that there was quite some divergence between my emotional and my intellectual response and I wanted to know Tarot's take on that.)

Also, 2 and 6 kind of describe the outside world, while 3-5 describe the world inside yourself.

The layout is supposed to be an Omega sign. It was ideal for my situation since I was blaming myself when I really should not have. So the Omega sign made sense since it's the last letter in the Greek alphabet and represents to me that I should put an end to my guilt.

Let me know what you think.

Astraea Aurora :grin:

HOLMES added some helpful things, so here is

I Blame Myself Spread, 2nd edition (by Astraea Aurora and Holmes)
Layout stays the same.

1 My blame, my shame, my fault.
2 The situation which sparked my feelings of guilt.
3 My response.
4 My point of view on the reason why I blame myself. (Kind of like a subjective p-o-v.)
5 Revealed reasons why I can blame myself. (Kind of like an objective, outside p-o-v.)
6 The way out. A course of action.
7 How to best deal with #6. How to best apply the option presented in #6.



i would change the reason why you blame yourself tarot point of view to revealed reasons why i can blame myself as it is confusing.
there could be to much on the lookg at the blame, i think emotioanal and mental response can be merged into one to my response, and split the number 7 into
6. the way out,, (which means it would be a best possible option. )
7. how to best deal with it ( how to best apply the option,, and apply the plan ) .

Astraea Aurora

Thank you HOLMES! You're right, "revealed reasons" makes more sense than my initial wording. Let's you see I was still confused by that situation.

I won't change my initial spread for several reasons.
First, in my situation there was a clear difference between my intellectual and emotional response. I wanted to know Tarot's take on it, thus I separated it.
Second, I already took the appropriate way out (the action), I had to react pretty fast and only afterwards did I have time to deal with it. Thus, it's one position. But you're right, 2 separate positions make more sense.

I made some changes and named it "I Blame Myself Spread, 2nd version".

Astraea Aurora :grin:


Wow, I really love this one. A friend requested a reading about her relationship with her sister, and the guilt thing came up quite a bit ... this spread looks perfect for following up on the issue.

Thanks for sharing!

Astraea Aurora

I'm glad you find it useful. :)

Astraea Aurora :grin: