I Can&#39t Believe This Happened!


Something happened to me Friday that I feel was a total turning point in my Tarot Journey that I just had to share. I still can't believe it!

I had Friday off of work. I was sitting around in my sweats eating my frozen lasagne when the phone rang. It was one of the girls I work with. She said that her grandma and a couple of other people were there that wanted their cards read. (I had read for Granny before. She is our administrator's mom and she let's me practice on her. The other two women were there to do make-up and hair for the Glamour Shots that we were doing as a fund-raiser.) Any way, they wanted to know if I would be willing to come in and read for them. Well, I did. Now understand, I never once mentioned money. I did not ask to be paid. However, all three of them gave me $20 dollars. Each reading was approximately 20 minutes. I even told them each that it was not neccessary, but each insisted. I could not believe it. I guess that up until now, I never thought that I was at a point in my little journey where I was ready to do this professionally.
Money aside, the thing that really excited me was the "click" I felt with the cards. I have said before that I try to listen to the cards. Well, Friday they were SCREAMING! I saw one woman's struggle with drug addiction in the "Recent Past", I saw (but did not mention) her knowledge that she could not have children, and she confirmed this when I saw that her fondest wish was to have a place for her heart to call home. When I said that, she broke down in tears and said that I hit the nail on the head because she wants a family with children but she could not have them because of her drug addiction. When I apologized for making her cry, she said that it was a good cry. It felt good to bring this secret desire out in the open, because now she felt like she could find a way to make it happen. She also said that seeing her drug addiction in the past, she knew that she could stay clean and fight the still present urges. She said I made her feel so much better! To me, this was the most incredible feeling I had ever had. I actually helped someone begin to heal!!!! Before I did her reading, she told me that she had never had a reading before and she was a little scared. After the reading she said that it was a very positive experience.

What about the rest of you. When did you first say to yourself, "Oh my Gosh.... I CAN do this!" How did you know that you were a reader?


I would say that when I had a similar experience to you that it was clear to me. What I'm going to do , however, is not charge a set rate, but instead offer for donations to be allowed. For me, the reading that set me over the top was one I did for a person at a convention I was at. The cards basically spoke of a religious issue. I got a flash and knew it was a family religious issue. I couldn't figure out who in his family , but I knew it was a conversion from christianity to wicca. I flipped over the near future card. It was The Empress. At that percise moment in time, it felt as though the entire process had verification. It was the seeker's mother. I said that to him, and he almost started crying. Fortunatly, I told him, that the card was the empress, the loving, caring mother. The one that will always love her son. When I told him that it looked as though the matter just needed time, and that everything would be alright.. the fear left him. The pain started to leave him. That's when I knew this was something special that I had , and that a lot of other people do not know how to tap.

So at that time, I decided a twofold mission:

1. To offer readings for free (with tips allowed and very appreciated)


2. To teach whomever wanted to learn, by showing them the process I went through exactly. Some may say that I'm unable to teach because, heck, I've been with these cards for less than a year.. but the answer to that is simple. How do you teach intuition and compassion? It's something mankind (as all species) has always had. All the cards do is open the door up a bit further, and anyone can really understand/teach that :)

So.. yes, I know what the feeling is. It's an empowering feeling.. I bet you didn't even care about the money as much as the validation that you helped someone to the level of $20 :)



Just wanted to say that although I'm not quite there yet, you have truly inspired me! What beautiful stories!

thanx 4 sharing,
Rhiannon :)


Some of you are familiar with my story, but for the new people I will try to keep this short:

I did not start out to be a reader; I sew and made capes and robes which I sold at psychic fairs and such. The readers always had long lines of clients.
At one fair with only four vendors, I did not make a cent. People lined up to see the readers. A woman visited my booth and spoke about how the person she went to didn't talk about anything that was important. I told her to go to a tarot reader. I was selling a deck I disliked and she asked me to do a reading for her. I refused.
An hour later she was back, having gone to someone else and not gotten 'satisfaction'. She asked me to do I reading. Since I had not made a cent all day I told her I would do a reading for her after I packed up. I had never done a reading in such a public way before; I did not get into Tarot for this reason. We went out to the lobby of the hotel and found a table with two chairs, and using the deck I didn't like, did her a reading.
I don't remember the first card; I said the reading was work-related; she said it was not. As the reading progressed, it was obvious that she was having an affair. When I said this, she confessed that it was with a co-worker (duh!). The cards said it was doomed, and I told her so. She paid me and left.

Getting it right, and getting paid for it...suddenly my life changed forever!


I don't think I ever wasn't a reader in a way.... Not saying I was 100% right from the word 'Go', but I basically learned the Tarot through reading for people. Now I use it as Starshine did in that reading: I use it mainly for counselling and healing...

Starshine, I'm glad you had this experience. But now I'm kinda annoyed, cuz I never got to have one like the rest of you did!