I Ching reading in exchange for FB


Offering I ching reading in exchange for FB

Post your question in the thread, please do not ask a double barrel question ie should I choose house A or house B as the I Ching is not designed for this. It would have to be seperated in to two seperate questions.

The I Ching is primarily around self development so please think about this when you formulate your question. i.e how can you best influence the situation or what part you play in it.....learn from it ect.

The I Ching also works really well with a 'What do I need to know right now?' if you would prefer a 'cold' reading.

Please allow me enough time to consult the I ching and respond to you as it could be a legthy response . I will PM you as soon as the reading is complete and posted in this thread.

Kittysashimi - Reading done - Feedback received Thank you
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Eva 4 - Reading done - Feedback received Thank you
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What do I need to know right now?

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This is for just one sitter?


Hi S,

I really like the I-Ching ... What is life other than changes and varying experiences of stability?

Q. What do I need to know if I am pregnant?
(If I can have another one, but please don't feel obliged)
Q. What can I learn from my love life at this time?


What do I need to know from my love life!

The lovers and nine of cups is stalking me!
It'd be curious to see what I Ching says!



What do I need to know about the new path I'm taking? This relates to finances. Thank you.


What do I need to know right now?

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Hey Kittysashimi,

Thank you for sitting for me. The hexagram I drew for you in regards to what you need to know right now is all about change No 49 Revolution changing to No 58 Happiness.

All the changes you are going through right now will lead you to happiness. This chnage however is not easy. It can feel tight sometimes a bit like osmosis to reveal a better new shiner stronger you.

This is not a small change your going through here, theres no longer room in your life for things that are 'outdated' nor serve your best interest. You have been thinking about this for a while. Its definately time to get rid of the old and bring in the new....right down to a new wardrobe if thats how you feel.

Dont hold back on implementing the changes you want to make and they should be centred around who you want to be and not who you were if that makes sense?

As with everything theres a word of caution here with this hexagram, its about control and not getting swept away on a wave of enthusiasim. Remain grounded, and timing is essential. The changes you are about to/ or want to put in place have far reaching implications to both yourself and others that are close to you.

With that said you need thier support, and feel hessitant to move forward without it, you need to bring this out in the open and you will be plesantly surprised at the support they give. Together you will address any doubts and fears you currently have, and will find the support / solution you need.

Your probably experiencing a complete change of mind of the changes you have started or will consider..this is totally normal given the circumstances and people involved. You might feel like your questioning long standing ideas that were once a staple to you. Things evolve and change as do you. So naturally so have your expectations, this can lead to feelings of being insecure as you have come to a point of questioning those long standing beliefs you have always had. I can assure you though with this hexagram that you need to have courage to live your life the way you want to in order to be more fullfiled this will lead to feeling more secure within yourself.

Changing lines denote that what is happening now or will soon do so, as yours is in 2nd and 3rd place this tells me that you are going through this now 2nd place and soon will do for 3rd place. (its like a timeline)

Changing line is 2nd (6 in 2nd place) and 3rd place

changing line 2 - 6 in 2nd place)

This line is telling you that the time is right now to make the changes you seek. Make plans and think it through what you want the outcome to be. Changes will happen quickly for you or are doing so you need to feel prepared within for the new situation that will evolve. This is definately the right time for action.

Changing line 3- 9 in 3rd place

Here you will need to consider others before your next move or make anymore changes as there are consequences for all concerned or connected to your situation. Theres something in the past that will upset others now. The time will pass and you will find the right time to move forward with your plans. You will instinctively know when the time is right to do so.

I hope that made sense to you and helped or resonated with you in someway. Whilst I dont need to know your situation your feedback is much appreciated how you found the reading and what did or didnt connect for you.

Thanks again
P.S your inbox is full lol


Hi S,

I really like the I-Ching ... What is life other than changes and varying experiences of stability?

Its so nice to know you have such a lovely appreciation of the I Ching Bonny. I think you sum it up well in your quote...its almost like varying degrees of wisdom as we travel through lifes roads :)

Q. What do I need to know if I am pregnant?
ok i chose to tackle this one....ha ha the Iching tells you to hide your light, protect yourself and accept the difficult task lol....

No 36 HIDDING THE LIGHT- changing to No 55 ABUNDANCE

ok here the advice is about duming things down to avoid injury if you are pregnant...i get the feeling you run around after too many ppl atm and neglect yourself sometimes/ or taken for granted. Are you last on the list of you? This hexagram i telling you that you need to act in the best interest for yourself right now....

Theres issues around you communicating with others right now that are blocked or others are not receiving you right? maybe even getting negative responses from others....Anyway its clear your values are quiet different from those around you and you need to protect yourself and not allow that negativity to take over you. Make sure your looking out for you and your best interests for a change. Keep hold of those deep seated beliefs in your heart and dont let any one discourage you here Bonny in due time you will emerge the winner of this underlying debate. Others dont seem to see wht is perfectly obvious to you ( the elephant in the room) Take a back seat and keep your thoughts under wraps for now. Look after no 1 for a change.

changing lines 4th line

6 in 4th place

Your clear understanding has left you without any illusion. You know whats oppressing you. Dont worry you know whats important and great things are coming. Leave behind that you dont need.

No 55 Abundance is one of the best hexagrams of the I ching in my eyes...its your harvest of everything you have worked hard for...ie baby! or whatever your focus is on enjoy!

Woosh...well Bonny thanks for sitting for me and I hope that made sense / resonated to you, I dont need to know any details only if its hit the mark or not and which did or dint help. I am merely the messenger of this beautiful philosophy.