I feel free...

Asbestos Mango

I just got hired for a job doing Tarot readings via video chat.

I have always used spreads- I learned on the Celtic Cross, and kind of felt lost if I didn't have at least a five-card cruciform spread.

Midway through my test reading, I realized that the spread thing just wasn't going to work- it's just not logistically doable to focus the webcam on the spread, then back to me, then back to the spread.

So I just started ripping cards off the top of the deck and holding them up to the camera and reading them. No spread, no positions, just kept going until I got to a card that made a nice ending.

It was intense, and it was liberating.

I think I'll still use spreads for my personal readings, or for in-person readings, but it's incredibly freeing to know that I can do a really great professional reading without using a spread.

Mystic Zyl

Who are you working for? Congrats!

Asbestos Mango

Oranum.They have a great website, it seems very professional.


Good for you. Adapting to circumstances is a strength.