I found my pencil!


That means I can get on with working on my deck - what little there is of it - and will soon be posting cards for review. Fair warning: They're done one at a time, no particular design in mind (except the devil and the 2 of pentacles), no rhythm or rhyme to what order or the style they're done in, and are in black and white.

Be prepared. :D

Sea Sprite

Hi cricket,

I look forward to seeing your work! :D


Here's the devil. :) Those of you that have been around long enough might have seen the sketch for it. The finished product looks a little different.


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Glad you found your pencil!! I like the devil..different..is this a color your own deck??


Me too! I was lost without it. ;) If (or when) it ever gets published it would be, if the person that got it chose to color it in. It's meant to be a black and white, but most are more comfortable with color in their decks, so I'm trying to do it in a way that leaves that option open for them. If that makes any sort of sense.


HEHE...that works....options are good..!!


Hmm... the picture didn't work for me... :( Maybe it's my computer... Can't wait to see it! :D


VERY cool cricket!


Meep! I uploaded it here http://www.photocountry.com/users/3318/devil.jpg but it ended up being a lot bigger than life for some reason. It's actually the size of a standard RW card.

Next up: *insert drumroll here* 3 of swords! Should be up either later today or tomorrow.


I'm liking it a lot so far!
I especially like the rounded curves to the edges of the design. The overall effect: it's similar to the incidental illustrations that you find in science fiction/fantasy monthlies of the forties and fifties. Is that kinda what you were going for?
I think I'd personally prefer the black and white illustrations over colored ones. This idea seems to really be about contrast and draftsmanship, not brilliant color.