I have started


I just thought is would let you know that i have started. I have been toying with the idea for a while now mainly cause i wanted a deck in which all the card speck to me. However I never thought i had enough experence with tarot to do so. looking though various threads i have discovered that i do and i can use the creation as a learning tool as well.

so my fool is embrotic and all i can think about at present is how he will be born


Major Tom

Do keep us abreast of the news. ;)


Best wishes as you embark on this exciting journey. I echo Major Tom -- keep us posted!


Congrats on taking the first step! Remember that you can redo any card you want to, at any time. The whole process just needs to get 'started' to fall into place.


Hi there!
I find the fact that you "let the world know", a very useful one, since it seems as if that will keep you in the working-loop!
No matter how much you know, you'll learn even more, and any starting point is a good point to start-as long as you are inspired to do so!

GOOD LUCK and creative JOY!


Great! And don't worry too much about getting it exactly right the first time - sometimes you have to try it and look at the finished piece to be able to say - "no, what I really want is...."


thank you all for the encouragement and advice