I havent felt it yet


i havent been sleeping well at night which has been causing me to wake up early in the morning, im new to all of this oracle stuff, its someting im truly intersted in and i tried for awhile. i must admit my room is not very clean, and they have been scattered in the corner of my room they fell off my desk. i dont know how to store them yesterday i picked them up and put them in a glass box, ive been trying some suggestions and the excersises in the book but its not working...maybe they dont like me......


"ive been trying some suggestions and the excersises in the book but its not working...maybe they dont like me......"

It's working, but you haven't noticed it yet. Oh sure, you can do a spread and you get an instant result - there's the spread, and here's your reading of it. But in terms of an actual present and noticeable experience - well, that takes time. It's like any relationship or wisdom - it takes time to develop. Give it some time.


You may wish to try drawing only a card a day to slowly introduce yourself to each image, really take a day at a time to absorb whatever comes to you, even if it seems like nothing comes at all.

If you feel frustrated, take a break from them.

I also like to pull a card at night, occasionally, before bed as a dream Faery.


i tried that last night while i was talking to my boyfriend i was just laying there looking at them while i was talking. and although my boyfriend isnt a believer in them, (he prefers playing cards also) he was listening to me complain about it. then something he said hit me like a brick to the chest!!! im never in the same room as them unless im on the phone or asleep. so i decided that i would take them out and put them in my car for awhile to see how they reacted to being around me for awhile there. well i took them out there last night and bundled them up even though i live in CA doesnt meant its always warm and i didnt want frozen angry fae, so i put them in my back seat well ive spent 2 hours in my car already today and when i got home i pulled them out and began looking through them again this time Ekstasis was on top and i specifically remember putting honesty on the top becuase i put him there and asked for the answers about this relationship im currently in. im only 18 and being in a long distace relatioship this serious was something that had been on my mind for awhile...among numerous other things. well when i pulled them out today before i even looked and them i rubbed them against my chest to warm them up and when i looked down i saw this beautiful teal and electric blue card staring up at me. and first of all im a sucker for colors like that almost everything i own are in those colors. and the second thing that caught my eye was that the part that drops down from the wings looks IDENTICAL to a necklace i have. so i ran for the necklace and sure enough almost excat! now ive been quite excited for awhile now. i woke up about 4 am and had nothing else to do so i went for a drive forgetting they were in there....when i calmed down and looked up the meaning to the card i was absolutly astonished!!!! it means ecstasy which i felt this morning when i saw this card! joy, rapture and motivation! when i began reading the starter reading i got even more excitied "this card in a reading says, among other things go for it! it confirms that we are on course, moving in a good direction..."i had asked about my boyfriend and if this was the right thing. (now a little background, im 18 hes 23, im in cali hes in florida i love him to death but i worry and wonder if this is the right thing, and as he nears closer and closer to graduating from college and preparing to move to cali with me i started to wonder if it was the right...i have a hard time completing letting go in realtionships i hold too much in sometimes) and this card just filled me with so much joy and happiness along with having the faeries actually speak to me! i called his sister who also uses the deck and is aware of my situtation and she said that sometimes they are just dying to tell you the answer all you have do is ask!!! she also told me that she thinks maybe honesty is my guide faerie, becuase i asked for an honest answer about this relationship! im so excited thank you everyone and now i can feel it and relate to the things u guys tlak about!


I'm so glad you feel happy!

Your situation sounds complicated, but I'm sure that you will be fine, especially with the help of your faeries.

Good luck, and wishing you lots of happiness with your boyfriend.



Hurray for connecting with the fae! You wanted it so badly and what a wonderful experience!

I've been carrying them with me, too, just to introduce them to my world. They want to join in when we're Awake (in all ways), for sure!


It seems you have achieved a breakthrough. It's interesting to me that taking them with you in your car helped so much. I rarely carry cards with me, but once recently I took my Faery Oracle cards on a drive with me, and on the way I had a distinct impression of a little faery riding up on top of the car outside my window, enjoying being blown about by the the wind, having a marvelously fun time! I think they like to travel.



i do truly think they like travel, ive been taking them with me when i would normally just go sit somewhere by myself and reflect, i go to a river close to my house and sit, ive been taking them with me they seem to enjoy being outside and at times ive even done some spreads on the ground out by the river. its such an amazing feeling connectiong with them!