I just found this site tonight...


and I have been taking my time reading a lot of the threads here. I must say that I love the "feeling" and attitude of teaching and learning here. It is a lot better then the confusing, and often negative, chaos of alt.religion.wicca and others from usenet.

Thanks to those i have read and to those that I know will be of benefit to me in my continuing path with the tarot and wicca. :)

I hope that I too can contribute to this forum in a positive way some time in the near future.

Blessed Be
Methusela D'Viccian
x-EQ player and web developer

"We do without doing and everything gets done." Othila



Welcome to the forum! You're right, this is an amazing place.


I echo Blue--Welcome! Glad to have you.
We also have an archives with each forum. Click on the "Show Topics" button at the top of each forum title page to retrieve past threads.


Not that the fur 'doesn't' fly here- but it's usually of short duration.


It's great to hear your kind words, DaCFMan. I think you just HAVE contributed in a positive way by giving us all a "warm-fuzzy" about this group! :)

Tarotbear is right, though. But I think that the 'fur-flying' incidents serve to keep us awake and thinking and alert to other opinions. (I also find them quite entertaining! ;) }> )