I love living in a place I can be free and open


I was born and raised in the state of Texas. I have been trying to figure out a place that calls to me. There was just so much in Texas that wasn't good on not being allowed to follow my true belief system. When I moved to Colorado I felt free for the first time.

I can actually go to places and tell people I am Pagan. I do not have to get into the details of what Religion I am wicca Druid or any other. It is just great to be able to talk to others who share Pagan beliefs and get in touch with the Old ways. It actually made me feel free when I moved and found other like minds here.


That's wonderful Jason. It's also good to hear and those of us who don't have this problem can remind ourselves of how lucky we are.


I know what that's like. We've moved around a lot, and there are parts of the country (well, the deep South specifically) where I could hardly breathe. I think they found support and comfort in religous fellowship and shared values--not seeing what is stifled. I'm glad for you!