I met Mr Froud .....

pickled pixie

I went to the exhibition in London and both Brian and Wendy were there and I have to say they were sooooooo lovely!!!!! :) I had a long chat with Brian about the FO and he signed my book *yay* I also bought his latest book The World of Faerie which I think is his best work yet! I asked him about his plans regarding another Oracle and the bad news is there doesn't look like there is gonna be anything happening with the Runes of Elfland which is a real shame...but he is doing another Oracle which is something to do with photographs of Woman, it is to be a Goddess Oracle, If anyone has his new book I think there is some samples of the Oracle in a mini book inside. I'm not sure its something that I could connect with but I'm keeping an open mind :)
To see Brians work in the flesh was wonderful and If I had had a £3000 floating about I would have snapped one up!!! :D

If anyone can get to the Exhibition I would highly recommend it!!!....They even made my husband a cup of tea!!! How sweet is that!!! :D

pp xxx



of the few authors in the world i would love to meet, brian froud is definitely one of them!

that's wonderful pixie!

i hope you can take that inspiration with you---



I'm so pleased to hear they were nice people, sometimes you build up expectations of people and it falls flat when you meet them, so glad to hear you had a good experience.

by the way was the exhibition what you expected? I really wanted to go but I'm in London in 2 weeks time.



that is really cool, pixie! i'd love to meet them myself. maybe one day, here in the states. and, to get his autograph! wow! that is really cool, :thumbsup: sounds like you had a great time, even if it was only for meeting them!


Can I just say that I am the Green Woman here??? :p Talk about jealousy! I'm loving your story and pining for the fact that it was you and not me! lol...

Meeting someone special like that can be incredibly inspirational, and thank you (regardless of my Green Woman aspect) for telling us all about it!!!!