I need a spread from Janina Renee's book.



I am looking for a spread from Janina Renee's book, I think it's called Tarot Spells. (I used to have it.)
It is a spread about "returning a lost pet home." I used the spell/spread about 2 years ago, and it worked.
Is anybody able to help? (It is for one of my stray outside boys.)



Hi LauralRae

I think that's it because I remember using Strength and 6Cups for this. Thank you so much!

Glass Owl

The link provided in one of the previous posts is dead so here is some of the information about the spread. It isn't word for word, I tried to summarize in parts.


The layout is in the shape of a cross. If you would like to use accessories for the spell, it is recommended to use items such as candles which are the color pink. You may also want to incorporate items that you associate with your missing pet.

1. Lay out the Significator card first. (This is the card you feel best represents your pet.)
Visualize the pet, recalling its features and mannerisms. If you have used candles, feel the warmth of the flames and imagine they are beacons, guiding your animal home.

2. Lay down the 6 of cups next. Think back to the good times and experiences you've had with your pet. Remember the first time you met your pet, etc.

3. As you lay down the Magician consider the various courses of action you may be taken to search and recover your pet.

4. Lay down the Star and make a wish for your pet to find his/her way back home.

5. Finally, lay down the Hermit as you visualize your pet being found or returned. Imagine how happy the two of you will be to be reunited.

After the spread/visualization, you can read this affirmation.

"As I set forth these cards
in the light of these candles
the small friend for whom I have so much love
is drawn home to me!
I do not cease trying to find my friend
until he/she returns home.

I call upon all good spirits
and all good powers
who care about small and helpless creatures
to aid me in my search.

My small friend, (name),
is brought home
through the spell that I call forth.
It shines like a beacon
that my animal friend can see!
So be it!"